A concert in the MTC… I think YES! :)

“Behold I do not condemn you, go your ways and sin no more; perform with soberness the work which I have commanded you. Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. Behold the wounds which pierced me side and also the prints of the nails in my hands and feet; be faithful, keep my commandments, and ye shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.”

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! It’s my last P-day here in the MTC!! I will be taking off to Canada on Teusday morning and I am SO EXCITED.. We were told that out of our group,  4 missionaries will get changed to French speaking when we get there, so i am hoping that it’s not me!!  I have seriously learned so so much here at the MTC, not only about the gospel, but about life in general.  I had the chance to go on a companionship split with Sister Cable for a day this week and we taught our teacher as a fake investigator and he was SO HARD!!   We taught him about Joseph Smith, and the first vision and the spirit was so strong that all three of us were in tears!   I even recited the first vision, word for word from memory and I don’t even know how I did it.. cause I have never done that before!!  But the spirit was definitely there!!   Afterwards he pulled us aside and said that in 5 years of teaching here he has never been in a fake investigator lesson and felt the spirit so strong and he actually gained a stronger testimony from our lesson!!  It really reminded me of why I am out here!  So pretty much..  WE NAILED IT!! but whatever;)
Saddest part of my week: I had to say goodbye to Karlie!:(  She came to my room to say goodbye the night before she left and we just sat in the hall and cried!!  She is going to be an awesome missionary!!  Kentucky is SO LUCKY!!!
I have really lucked out for my Sunday devotionals here at the MTC!  First, Elder Bednar just shows up last week out of nowhere.. then this week we got a… wait for it…. A CONCERT!!!!  Nashville Tribute Band came and gave a concert in place of our Sunday devotional and is was so awesome!!   I miss music other than Hymns!!  They sang the song ” The hardest thing I’ve ever loved to do” and there was not a dry eye in the building!!
So.. highlight of my week!!  Our Branch President now thinks that my District is the most clever and funny group of people in the world… which he isn’t wrong.. but let me explain!!!   In a meeting with him this week we explained that our motto was.. “Lets baptize the hell out of them”.   When we said this, he was VERY CONCERNED and asked us to explain!!  So we went on to tell him that we were baptizing Satan and the bad things out of our investigators.  And now we are his favorite and he says it all the time.. its pretty funny!! 🙂
Also, I have these two Elders in my District.  Elder Hoole and Elder Gardner that I tease because they are such city boys and wear tight skinny dress pants and girly watches and wing tip shoes and its so funny!!   But the other day we were talking about all of our home towns, and after I told them about Morgan they have not stopped referring to us as a “Amish Community” and at first I was trying to defend us, until I realized that we get our milk raw from the neighbors, we have bees and harvest our own honey, and I grew up raising pigs to eat them.. so then I just stopped and decided I was not helping my case.. so I just accept the fact that we are slightly out of the loop!!:)
This week we got a Sister Kilmer ‘Sass-O-Meter’ on the board, and everyday I start at zero, and every time the Elders think they “sense some sass” my bar goes up!!  Its a real good time;)   So far my best score was a 9,475%  Sass….. So,  I am pretty alright I guess;)
But I am seriously LOVING this adventure that I am on!!  I have learned so much patience and love and how to really let Christ take over in your life!  Every day I feel myself grow a little more!:) Heavenly Father listens to you and loves you!!  I know that i am already a different person than I was when I left 2 weeks ago!!  In a video of Elder Holland that we watched, he said that our number one convert to this church while serving our missions should be ourselves, and I am really feeling the conversion process begin!!  I love you all and Jesus loves you too!!   I love this gospel!!!   Talk to you from Canada!!

LOVE – Sister Kilmer!:)

P.S. Check out how cute my nieces and nephew are!! 🙂

Only 1 Week!!! Say What??