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Sister Cable and Sister Kilmer


At the temple


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What it is really like at the MTC



On our way to Halifax!


Landing in New York City

Arriving at the Mission Home

Arriving at the Halifax Mission Home


Corner Brook, New Foundland


Sister Holloway and Sister Kilmer

“Therefore dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for His arm to be revealed.”


Hello Friends and Family.. hows its goin eh?
Wow!!  A lot has happened since I talked to you all last!  It’s so crazy!  My last few days in the MTC were the best ones ever!!   It was so much fun, but so sad cause I had to say goodbye to my second family!   It was really hard and I already miss the Elders in Rochester SO MUCH!!   We had a pizza eating competition on Friday night, and it may not surprise most of you who know me when I tell you that I was the “champion” 😉   They didn’t believe me when I told them that food is my second love behind Jesus!!   The funniest part of the whole thing, was that before I was teasing them and said I would beat them all, and take their man cards, Elder Cox looked at me and said,   ” Nah sister Kilmer, you wont take my man card, I lost that the day I made my first purchase at Buckle.”
Holy.. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!   We left the MTC early on Tuesday morning, and we had a very long day of traveling!!   I got to see some fellow Morganites at the airport, so that was way awesome!!   We finally landed in Halifax around 1:00 in the morning on Wednesday, and then had to get our Visas at the airport, so we didn’t get to the mission home until after 3:00 am!   I ended up traveling with another sister that is waiting for a Visa to serve in Arizona, sister Champoux.  But its pronounced “shampoo” with a French accent, so don’t strain yourself trying to pronounce it.. I’ve been there, done that. 😉
Anyways, I was in Halifax for 2 days with my STLT Sister Fisk, and then we all had to say our goodbyes.   It was so sad saying goodbye to my Elders!!   Elder Hoole headed off to St. Johns, New Brunswick, Elder Cox to Sacville,  Nova Scotia,  Elder Phillips to Bay Roberts, and then the Mission President put me back on a plane, and flew me to the farthest area in our mission away from everything called… civilization!!
I am serving in CORNER BROOK, NEWFOUNDLAND!!!!!!!   Now, if you have never heard of this place, and or seen it, I would advise you to look it up!! It is the most beautiful place in the world!!  I live right in the bay by the Ocean!   It is so awesome!  Its so humid here that we have to keep a dehumidifier in the bathroom running while we shower or anything because if not, it will all mold!!  And my hair, ALWAYS feels wet!:)   It is so weird!!
There are only about 30 members in our entire area, but about half of them live  1-3 hours away from our church house, so they can only come every so often to church because they cant afford it!!   It is so humbling,  because many are really really poor, and it really is just a step above like.. straight poverty!!
But many of the people here are very religious!  Which can be good and bad!   Good, because people do look for something more since they have NOTHING.   But bad, because if they already have their religion they wont even talk to you at all because they literally eat breathe and sleep what they believe in, so you cannot even get them to listen a little bit!!
At church on Sunday there were 11 people in the congregation.. being from Utah.. you could say that was quite the change!!  They also had the 5 members from Gander (3 hours away) and the 4 members from Grand Falls ( 1 1/2 hours away) Skype in to our Sacrament meeting, because they are in a branch!!   There is one little boy in the ward and the rest are all over about 40!!   So yeah.. its definitely an adjustment!!   People sacrifice so much here to be members of the Church!   It is so humbling, and I realize I took living a quarter of a mile from my church building at home for granted!
One member only can afford to come to church every other week, and he is an older guy who works for 2 weeks, sets aside his 10% for tithing, and then another chunk for his church fund, and then after 2 weeks he has saved up enough money to buy enough gas to get to church..  He lives almost 2 hours away!!  It is so amazing the faith these people have!!
My companion, Sister Holloway is from Colorado and she is so sweet!!   I love her!   She has taught me so much already, and I have only been here for 4 days!  We have a lot of fun together!!   We also have a lot in common, so its fun to get to know her!  We are the only sister missionaries for miles and miles and miles of land and ocean.. its awesome!:)   Most of the people when we knock on their doors are like.. I didn’t know they had sister missionaries in the moron church.. and YES!!  They say the MORON church.. not Mormon!! haha!   The Elders in our area are Elder Hatch and Elder Darche.   Elder Hatch is awesome! He can teach anything to anyone, in the blink of an eye, and he doesn’t even need any time to think about it, its crazy!!  And Elder Darche is… I don’t even know what he is… he is just awesome!!!   His actual full last name is Elder St.Lawerencedarche :), but it didn’t fit on the name tag.. so he just goes by Elder Darche.. His name legit looks like a sentence, and its hilarious!!
ANYWAYS!! I love and miss you all and I miss home really a lot!  It is hard out here, and we will go knocking on doors for like 4 hours and only 1 person in the last 5 minutes will actually even talk to us, but because we finally got to that one lady, it was all worth it!  I already love this place so much, and I LOVE the people and the culture!!  Its amazing and unlike anywhere else, and they are kind of stuck in the olden days!!   It’s awesome!!   But I have a dinner appointment with a guy who said he makes the best trout in the world for either this week or next week, so I will keep you all updated on the seafood..
Stay Humble and Kind!!
— Love Sister Kilmer

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