Here Fishy Fishy

Well I have officially made it through week 2 here in Newfoundland, and just when I thought I had already fallen in love with this place the most that I could, I fell in love with it even more!!  THE PEOPLE HERE ARE AMAZING!!!   And it is the most beautiful place on earth!!!:)

Some new Fun things that happened this week:


1.  It is very common for us to get asked if we are training to become Nun’s, and when we tell them that we aren’t, its like woah… LIFE=CHANGED!  I love it!

2.  We had a guy on the street the other day start to talk to us about different religions and such because he was a religion scholar, and it was so much fun to hear about all of these fun things about different religions he had studied.  Then he asked me where I was from and I said Utah and he was like..  Oh!  The Mormons.. that is the one religion I just cant figure out.  Believing in all that UFO stuff!!   haha..   We were so confused, and explained we had never heard of that before!!  It was funny!  I love people!:)

3.  On Saturday, the big man up in Halifax called our District Leader here in Corner Brook and called me and Elder Hatch as INSTITUTE TEACHERS at the University here!!! I am so excited!   I am so nervous though because I have only been in the field for approximately 2 weeks!   haha..  but I am so excited to get to work with the YSA, which is a total of 3 currently, but we will change that!!

4.  We were rushing to a lesson in the park the other day.   It had been such a crazy day.  We almost got stranded in Stevenville due to the Elders car’s tires being about to fall off.   It ended up being a series of unfortunate events, which included two really drunk twin brothers trying to feed us dinner.  Finally we see two of our potential investigators, at the park…, on a date…., and it was SO AWKWARD!!   haha.. life.. i love it:)

5.  And the moment you have ALL been waiting for..  *drum roll*   I knew I couldn’t hide from the seafood forever!! On Sunday I was fed my first Newfoundland fish dinner.. Cod!!   I have promised that I would go into the seafood eating thing with an open mind and that’s exactly what I did!   RESULT: still not my favorite food, but it was not as bad as I thought.. looking forward to trying some new fishies!!  (now that I am not as scared of it!!)   haha!!

But aside from all the craziness, I have felt and seen the Lords hand in my life more than ever this week!!   We have had so many blessings of finding and teaching this week, that I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed we are!!   We found 4 more new investigators this week, and each of them are so special!   I love getting to know how much these people want to change and want to find happiness!   So often I think we find ourselves stuck and feel like we are fine where we are at, but there is always room for change!!   I really felt this in my own life this week when I heard a story of a missionary who went home the day I came out! Let me share a little bit:

This Elder came out onto his mission leaving his very supportive parents and family and his fiance, yes.. not girlfriend.. fiance!!  A little bit into his mission he got a call that his dad had passed away, and he had the option to return home have served an honorable mission, but he stayed cause he knew this was where he was meant to be! A little later he received an email saying that his dog, (his best friend), had died. Then a little later, he received another call that his mother had passed away, again receiving the option to return home having served an honorable mission, but he stayed knowing that this is where he needed to be. Just a month before he was to return home, he received another devastating email that his fiance was now engaged to a returned missionary.  This Elder had literally lost everything when he came on his mission.  He left with not one baptism, but he still walked away in tears that day to go home, with his held held high, because he knew that this is where he was supposed to be!!

It is so crazy to me to see the faith that some people have in their lives. To see that no matter what gets thrown in your life, physically, mentally or emotionally, through Christ, we can still find our complete happiness and joy that we need in this life!  So for me, I know that I want to change!   I want to know that I have the faith that no matter what happens in my life, Christ will be with me, watching over me, and helping me through it!   I cannot even imagine how much our Heavenly Father loves us, and wants us to return to him!!

I heard a poem a couple weeks ago about a girl that had a dream.   In this dream she walked in a room and there were filing cabinets everywhere!   In each cabinet there was a persons records of everything they did in their lives!   Jesus then walked into the room and opened up this girls filing cabinet and started to sign each of the papers of every curse word she had said, of every person she had hurt, of every sin she had committed.   And because he suffered for us, he signed each and every paper. REMEMBER: Christ has to put his name on everything you do!  Be careful what you say, and treat people with kindness!   Find the good in every situation, and remember that we all owe everything to him who suffered Everything for us!

I love you all and wish the very best for you!  Never forget who you are, and who is always watching over you!!

– Sister Kilmer


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