I Want a Pet Moose, but The White Handbook says NO!

I’m back!! Hello Everyone, Another amazing week on the Western edge of the Newfoundland Island:)    Some FUN things that happened this week:

1. On Tuesday we had an exchange in Gander with the STL’s so I got to be companions with Sister Buchanan for the day!!  She is so awesome:)   She is from Alberta Canada (I think half the missionaries in the mission are from Canada) But we were street contacting and we started talking to this guy on a bike and I was impressed with how much he actually knew about the church.  Then after we thought he was done, he says,” Oh and one more thing, you are the church with the big mass marriages.”  We then had to have him explain what he meant and he thought big groups of people all got together and got married to each other and used us as an example saying, ” so like you two are really pretty girls so I would just be able to get married to you, and still go to my religion, but we would be married.”  ???   We were SO CONFUSED!
2. Now I don’t know if any of you are familiar with humidity percentages, but our apartment was at 85% humidity the other day! So if you don’t know what that means, just imagine walking through water.. That is exactly what it feels like!  Its so so uncomfortable! Definitely missing my Utah dry heat!
3. I got to help draw 4 murals at a bowling alley this week for this really sweet lady. Lets just say, my artistic abilities were really put to the test.  AND I dont know if maybe I just never saw it in Utah, or if I live under a rock, but they only play with 5 pins here instead of 10.  It is so weird!!   She was like why would you play with ten pins.. 5 is much easier and I was just like.. well, your not wrong!! haha!!
4. On our way to Gander Yesterday, we had those Harry Potter Jelly Beans and I ate a rotten egg one.. probably the saddest thing that happened this week!!  haha..   OH and instead of deer crossings here, they have moose crossings, and we were about 20 minutes out of Gander and TOTALLY almost hit a moose!   It was super awesome, and super scary at the same time! haha.. a lot of mixed emotions:)
Apart from the fun experiences, this week was another HUGE learning week for me! We were at a dinner appointment with a member the other day and she shared this experience with us:
Joanne works at a pizza shop in town that is close by the schools. During school she always gets a TON of Junior High and High School students. One day, these 3 boys came into the pizza shop and they were your typical Junior High teenage boys. She greeted them with the iconic Newfoundland greeting, ” hello my loves, what can I get for yous today.”   They laughed and rolled their eyes.  They ordered their food, sat down at a table close to the counter, and would make a huge mess at the table.  Then they would leave and as they walked out the door she would make an extra effort to say,  ” I hopes you boys have a wonderful day.”
Continually day after day the same 3 boys would enter the pizza shop for lunch and they would continue to mock and laugh at her.  If they were short some money, she would take it out of her tip jar, and pay the difference for them and she would always greet them with a  ” hello my loves, what can I get for yous today.” and leave them with a  ” I hopes you boys have a wonderful day.”  as they walked out the door laughing and rolling their eyes.
This went on for about 3 months until one day she expected the same behavior, except this time, one of the kids actually answered her back and said hello.  Then the next time, another one of the boys would clean up the table.  And slowly one by one the 3 boys No longer laughed, and didn’t roll their eyes.  They no longer left a huge mess, and made fun of her for being kind.
Now many years later the 3 boys have graduated and gone on to work, but still every week the 3 boys come into the pizza shop and they greet HER saying  ” hello my love how are you doing today.” and never leave with out saying  ” Thank YOU! I hope you have a wonderful day,” and putting a tip into her tip jar. She went on to tell us that it was not always easy to put on a big smile and treat them with kindness day after day. But she found the strength through a quick prayer to God saying,” Heavenly Father please bless me with patience today.” and everyday she was able to be kind and to never let go of her smile.
People are not always going to be accepting of a kind heart and a smile, but that doesn’t mean we have to hide it! Happiness is contagious, and sometimes it takes a little longer for others to see that, but it works, and kindness goes a long ways. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and we all have bad days, and it is not always going to feel like life is going in our favor, but Heavenly Father is there to coach us, and to help us return home to Him through trial and error.In a talk on Sunday, Brother Holbrook shared this analogy:
Too often, we start to view God as an umpire. Standing behind home plate, waiting at the end, ready to call us Safe or OUT!  But that is not how we should see it.  I see it that our Heavenly Father is our 3rd base coach….. He is wearing the same uniform we are, watching out for us, and guiding us to when we should go, and holding us back when he thinks we need to wait a little bit longer, to ensure that we can make it back to home plate safely.
Listen to your Heavenly Father, and obey his commands. He is on our side! Nobody should ever have to be defined by the worst thing they have ever done! Find happiness through the teachings of the gospel by preparing yourself to return to live with Him again. Be kind to everyone, even if it is hard, because I can promise you that one day they will accept your kindness and you could change their life completely.
Love You All and hope you have the most FANTABULOUS week!:) Be kind to everyone!
– Sister Kilmer











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