Rain, Rain, RAIN!!

Well, its ME again!! The weekly update for the girl on the edge of the world!!:) Some fun things that happened this week:

1. Last Monday, We got together as a district in Gander, and we played the most epic game of fugitive in POURING rain through the whole town.  It was AWESOME!   Sister Buhcanan and I dominated, and were the only ones who made it to the finish line without getting caught.. so fun!
2. We woke up bright and early as usual on Wednesday morning and we had NO WATER!! So, for exercise we decided to run to the nearest Tim Hortons.. because they are everywhere.. so we could go to the bathroom.   Then I remembered I had accidentally left my running shoes in the Edwards car. So I was like, well, guess I am running in my Jellies. So we go and we are coming back and I walked through the wet grass and stepped on the first step down to our apartment and slid all the way down. I have quite a few battle wounds and cuts everywhere.. BUT, they actually have been getting a lot of peoples attention and has helped in the efforts of street teaching.
3. So due to our little Branch having a 5 hour radius, we have a very unique way of going about our church activities on Sundays. We have a big flat screen TV in the chapel and during our sacrament meeting we have a group of people in Grand falls, a family out in Stevenville, and our counselor in the branch presidency in Halifax, Nova Scotia that Skype in!  So when we have visitors here,  ITS SO FUNNY!!!   They are always just so confused, but.. we do what we have to do and its so fun!:)
4. Yesterday, the Sisters from Gander came to Cornerbrook to stay for a few days and Sister Olsen is a huge prankster, so from the time she got there, she just kept scaring me over and over and I was like.. OK.. I am not letting her win!  So I came up with this really bright idea that I was going to take EVERYTHING out of the fridge and hide in it, cause she would never suspect a thing! So I did! and I don’t think I have ever been so cold in my life, but the reaction I got was SO WORTH IT!! but yes, I sat in the fridge just waiting for her to open it for about 30 minutes.. it was awesome:)
5. On Wednesday, we got to go and play some bowling with the people over at the retirement home and it was SO FUN!  I love getting to hang out with them because they are just so excited to get up and do things and have fun together and they love each other so much. The cutest little old lady rolled a strike like EVERY TIME!  I was so jealous of her bowling skills!!   I’m going to practice really hard so that I can get to that level.. life goals!!!!
I really did have an amazing week this week. We started teaching a few more people and they are all so different and so special and I love all of them. It is so amazing how I can just meet someone and within five minutes I can be in tears with them on their door step. One thing I have really learned since being out here, is how incredible Heavenly Father is.. I mean, I knew he was amazing, but he is performing miracles every single day with these people, and the best part is that I get the chance to be right at the front to see it all happen.
 We had a kind lady stop us in the park and she asked me if I ever felt embarrassed or afraid to talk to everyone when I know that most likely they wont listen to me, and I responded that I wouldn’t ever be embarrassed about it, and everyone has their right to choose if it is what is best for them. And she seemed so concerned and she asked, “well why not” and I was like.. “well.. because If you absolutely know that something is true and you can testify by the power of God that what you are saying is true, and can bless their life and the lives of their family members, why would you EVER want to keep that a secret, cause if I did, I would be selfish.  And I didn’t leave my family for a year and a half, and move thousands of miles away, to be selfish.”
The work of the Lord is hastening.  And even if you are not at the front lines out here, You can be a help and a guide to those around you by just caring and serving and lending a hand when you can. Forget yourself and remember to live as Christ did. We are all human beings and we are all brothers and sisters, So remember the importance of kindness and love to everyone!  I love you all and wish you the best this week!
There is a little teenage girl in Cornerbrook Newfoundland praying for each and every one of you!
– Love, Sister Kilmer❤
September 2016 b

P-Day in the Rain playing Fugitive 🙂




One thought on “Rain, Rain, RAIN!!

  1. Tony Jarrett says:

    Sister Kilmer-Thanks so much for sharing your mission experiences. We loved reading your newsletter. May the Lord continue to bless you immensely as you carry out his work.

    Tony and Wendy Jarrett


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