Keep Walking :)


BIG WEEK this week!  There was a lot going on, and a lot of changes made going around:

1. All the missionaries that were in Corner Brook got transferred, SO here is little me, only out here for 6 weeks,  leading out the area for Sisters and Elders!   It really has been fun though.   I love it here, so it has been fun to brag about how amazing our area is, and get everyone started off!   I definitely did not expect to be doing that though!  The Lord works miracles!  haha
2. While waiting for all the new missionaries to come, I was able to be companions with Sister Olsen from Gander for a few days and we had quite a blast.  I must share my favorite experience with her from our time together.  We have this investigator that is a straight up cat guy.   He LOVES his cats.. (pretty sure even more than his wife) haha, but anyways, He has this chair, and it is a well known chair, and you just DONT sit in the chair….  Its the “hair chair” and it is where all his cats reside, and there is literally like a pillow covering of an inch of cat hair on it!!   AND.. she sat on it!!   haha!   I was just trying not to laugh through the whole lesson, because she was trying to not gag, and the cats were jumping all over her and.. yea.. it was entertaining but very disgusting. 
3. OPRA HAS A HOUSE HERE!!!! So pretty much my goal is to find her.. teach her.. and baptize her!:) haha.. I was so excited when I found out!!
4. So I have been so confused since I got here cause there are all of these houses that have doors way high up and no stairs to get to them! So I finally asked a guy and he told us they are called “mother-in-law” doors!!  haha.. It was super funny.   It cracks me up! 🙂
On July 30th, just 3 days before I got out here, The cutest University student, Robin Evans-Taylor got baptized.  So I have had the privilege of teaching her all of her after baptism lessons, and really get to know her well.  She was so excited the other day during our lesson, and could not wait to tell me her dream describing it as very “scary” and “weird”  She went on to tell her dream:
“I was walking, and a man came up and just pushed me into this GIANT crevice. There were lots of people that had been pushed down there with me, and there were monsters. It was so dark that you couldn’t see anything at all, but I was told that if I started walking and just kept going, that I would eventually find the light. So I started walking with all of these people, and a lot of people kept stopping to take a break, or they would say that there was no use in going any further because they would never find the end of the crevice. But I just kept my hand on the wall and walked.   I don’t know why, But i just knew that I had to keep walking, because that was how I could find the light even though I couldn’t see anything, and I didn’t know what, when, or where the light would be.”
She saw this dream as just another dream. But because I had been just reading and studying earlier this week about how important it is for us to ‘Stand as a Witness’ and never give up hope, even when you feel like it is easier to just give up.   I saw this as much more than a dream.  I then told her, that sometimes even after becoming a member of the church, we find ourselves thrown into a “crevice” of some sort.  We have trials and we have days that we just don’t understand.   But if you just Stand Tall and KEEP WALKING… The monsters are not going to get you, and eventually, even though you don’t know what, when, or where, you WILL find the light. 
The next day I called her on the phone to see how she was doing, and she was about in tears.  She explained to me that she had a terrible day at work, everything went wrong and she almost got fired.  She is stressed out at school, feels so overwhelmed, and feels everything is just going wrong.  And as I thought about it, her dream came to my mind.  She was in a “crevice” and asking “Do I take a break? Do I stop? Is it a lost cause?”
Keep Walking. You will find the light. Each of us have been prepared to overcome the challenges that are given to us. We are told that if we keep walking then we will find the light. We don’t know what it will lead us to, when we will find it, or where it will be, but you WILL find it.  Don’t give up, and think that there is no use even trying. Don’t take a break, and say you’ll do it later.   KEEP WALKING.

-God Bless,  Sister Kilmer❤


Welcome Sister Kiser



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