Saying Goodbye to Sister Kiser


Flying back to the Mainland


A sign in someone’s yard as she is headed back to the USA.


A familiar face in the new area.


This girl was so happy to find a TSC in her town ūüôā


Sister Kilmer and Sister Kiser wrote this song.

Helloooo U.S.A!!  I am BACK!!!  (a little bit) I had the privilege to travel 11 hours in a car and 3 hours on a plane across the Merritimes from the very top of the mission in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland and now I am coming to you all today from Presque Isle, Maine!!

  • When I left Newfoundland on Wednesday is was 12 in the afternoon and -4. We flew on the tiniest plane ever!! it was 10 rows with one seat on each side, the flight attendant was also the copilot, and you could see the cockpit cause it was just wide open, IT WAS AWESOME!
  • My new area is half in Maine and half in New Brunswick, Canada so we go across the border about everyday. It is fun! ¬†We also have 2 different time zones in our area so it gets really confusing when you have 2 lessons at 4! ¬†haha! ¬†We live in a town called Presque Isle and its the best. ¬†I went from almost the smallest branch in the mission to the biggest ward in the mission. ¬†Some of the members have to cross the border to come to church.
  • My new Companion is Sister Fright and she is straight out of the MTC! I am so privileged and excited to be her trainer:) She is from Calgary, Alberta, she was just baptized about a year and 5 months ago, and she is amazing!! Because she is from Canada when we were trying to come into the states we got stuck at the border for about an hour and they weren’t going to let her in, then we said a prayer, and then he let us in. So that was cool!
  • I am also white washing the area, which means they pull out both missionaries and you pretty much come in with no information and no guide and you just start over! So between training and that.. I have got my hands full!! but I love it
  • My favorite parts about Presque Isle so far:
  1. THERE IS A TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY!!! and inside it looks the exact same as Morgans.. It’s the best!! We went in and I walked around and ugh.. I felt I was back at home!:)
  2. There are SO MANY Amish people here! Instead of share the road with a bike signs there are share the road with little Amish buggy signs.. ITS AWESOME!!
  3. The people here are amazing!! Had a way cool experience at church, we were all asked to give a little 5 minute spiritual thought, and afterwards we had a lady come up and give us 2 referrals of her friends.  She said that she has been wanting to refer them to the missionaries for a long time, but she was waiting for the right ones and when we bore our testimonies she knew that we were the missionaries that she had been waiting for!  It was so awesome!:)
  4. We were at a dinner appointment with the cutest family and their little girl was HILARIOUS! ¬†She was explaining the church and says,” ma ma ma whatever church this is.” and then a few minutes later she starts running around with a bunch of money and says, ” I’m rich I’m rich!! ¬†I stole all dads money!” haha.. its was so nice to be around kids again! ¬†We didn’t have any in my last area! Love them:)
  5. Went to play Bingo at a Care facility, and there was the sweetest lady that we went in to visit and I said in a slightly louder voice cause she is old, ” Hi I’m Sister Kilmer.” and she looked at me with the FUNNIEST face and says,” IM NOT DEAF.” so that was fun!! haha..¬† LOVE YOU ALLLLL!! -Sister Kilmer
  6. P.S. I am in the same area as my former MTC District Leader Elder Hoole!! Good Times!! Way excited for this transfer!!!
My New Mailing address is
 555 Main St.
Presque Isle, ME
** Attached is also a picture of the words to the song that me and Sister Kiser wrote in Cornerbrook**




Sister Kilmer


My new Unicorn Jammies


Seal Flipper, Cod, and Smelt


My parents warned me I would have to eat seafood


Corner Brook missionaries


The Newfie Stick


A Cruise Ship in Port

By the subject line, you are probably a little curious how my week went.  Well, let me tell you, it was a fun one!

  • First and foremost, I got a unicorn onsie cause it seemed like a good idea, its probably the best purchase ever made, but it is a little weird to sleep with a tail. haha
  • We were teaching one of our new investigators and his friend decided to join us and in the middle of the lesson he stands up and says,”Hey, wanna hear a newfie jig?” and then he started to dance around moving his arms like a chicken singing,”I got my stems.” over and over. Needless to say he was a little on the drunk side! haha.
  • Tender Mercies this week were numerous!!¬†NEW INVESTIGATOR ON DATE! We taught him the restoration and he asked really good questions and you could just see the spirit working in him and then at the end he asked,”So when I need to fix my car and use a manual to fix it, ¬†is the Book of Mormon like the manual to life?”..and we were like.. yea.. and he was like.. okay then I want to do EVERYTHING it says and so we committed him to be baptized on¬†Dec 3rd!! So excited:)
  • I ate SEAL FLIPPER, Cod, and Smelt the other day, so that was an adventure!! Weirdly enough, seal flipper is probably one of the better seafoods I have had. Fresh Cod isnt too shabby either, and smelt is.. fishy!! haha Love the Newfie Culture:)
  • I am learning ASL!! We are teaching two deaf people right now and luckily my companion knows a little sign language. I have been studying and I can offcially introduce myself, teach the Apostacy, and bar a simple testimony, and its only been a week!! So, the man upstairs has been a huge help! They sign so fast though! haha. It will come!!

I have learned so much since I entered the mission field, but because I have now approached the end of my second transfer, I was really pondering on what I have REALLY learned, something that I didn’t even realize before. ¬†And the first thing that came to my mind was

 -How Powerful Satan Actually Is-

It is definitely a subject that we try not to focus on a whole lot, but it is VERY REAL and VERY DANGEROUS. There is a lesson in Joseph Smith‚Äôs first vision that at one time or another we will all face. Elder Jeffery R. Holland said,”¬†It is the plain and very sobering truth that before great moments, certainly before great spiritual moments, there can come adversity, opposition, and darkness.” Even before the most revelatory moment in modern¬†religious¬†history, Joseph Smith was ,”seized upon… by thick darkness… as if [he] were doomed to sudden destruction.” But¬†exerting¬†all his powers he, ” called upon God to deliver [him] out of the power of this enemy.” (JSH 1:15-16)¬† Shortly¬†thereafter, the Father and the Son appeared to him, and the dispensation of the fullness of times had begun.¬†

He did not retreat, nor did he draw back, but he pushed through firmly and the power of Satan departed,” always to come again, we can be sure, but always to be¬†defeated¬†by the glory of God, always.”

Satan is opposition in all things. Think of a time when you were approaching a big decision or a very¬†influential¬†moment in your life. For me, I relate this to the people that I am teaching as they are making their “significant step” on¬†whether¬†or not to believe in this work. Satan does not want us to find out the TRUTH! ¬†I have seen this over and over as people¬†receive¬†their own divine witness that the Book of Mormon and the Church which espouses it is true, only to be overcome by doubt, fear, opposition, or in other words,¬†Satan. Distracting them from the plain and simple truths of the everlasting gospel

.¬†Our faith WILL be tested. ¬†We will have to fight through self-doubts and second thoughts, but at those times we must “resist the¬†temptation¬†to panic and give up. At those times fear will be the strongest of the¬†adversary¬†weapons against us.”¬†

Moses taught,” Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord… The Lord shall fight for you.”¬†

I testify that the power of Satan’s grasp on someone can be unbelievably binding.  I have seen it.  People who can’t even see a way to LIVE without following it. But the hopeful thing is, that GOD’S POWER IS UNFAILING.  Truth and light always win.  And Elder Holland says it so clearly and bold: 

“Don‚Äôt let your guard down. Don‚Äôt assume that a great revelation, some marvelous, illuminating moment, the opening of an inspired path, is the end of it. ¬†Remember, it isn‚Äôt over until it‚Äôs over.”

Love you all, Sister Kilmer


Its a Bit Brisk Up Here!


Gros Morne National Park


Gros Morne National Park



Made it to the top


My new plant in a gingerbread house


Corner Brook Missionaries


Corner Brook and Gander Sisters

Way fun week! Lots of Adventures and Learning and Growing happening up here. ūüôā I hear there is snow falling down there.. It is FREEZING, but no snow yet..¬†Hallelujah

  1. On Monday, We had the privilege of hiking the beloved ‘Gros Morne’ Mountain. ¬†It was by far the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my life. ¬†We were the only ones hiking for a while then this one girl started coming up behind us and we got talking to her, SHE WAS LDS!! ¬† On the top of a mountain is that last place you would think to meet an LDS person in Newfoundland:) ¬† But it was awesome! ¬† She had just finished biking across Canada and it took her 84 days. ¬† Way cool, but anyways.. never in my entire life have I ever been more cold than I was on top of that Mountain. ¬†Haha. ¬†Then on the way down a 66 year old man passed us and is like,” I used to hike this whole mountain in 3 1/2 hours.” Yea.. it totally took us like 6!! ¬†haha.
  1. On Tuesday, we got to go on an exchange in Gander with the STL’s and it was so FUN! ¬†My companion for the day was Sister Park. ¬†She is from Tooele, Utah and she was so fun! They have this investigator there that I have taught a couple times now, and they have really been wanting to put her on date for baptism cause she has been coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon a lot and she FINALLY made the decision to be baptized in our lesson with her. ¬†I am SO EXCITED for her.

Also, the best line of the day was given to us by Sister Olsen after finding out that NONE of the members that were baptized up here in the 90’s received Patriarchal Blessings,” Not to be a jerk, but what is the heck was the church doing in the 90’s, what is this? ” ¬† haha.. so now we are working on getting people their blessings that they never were able to receive:)

  1. Thursday¬†we got to go to Cox’s Cove and help one of our members paint his ‘Hair Room’ (He cuts hair) and he is probably the funniest man on earth. ¬†He makes a joke out of everything, and its awesome! ¬†But my favorite thing he has ever done by far was while we were helping him clean out all his stuff from the room and he picks up a half used perm bottle and shakes it with this *OH CRAP* look on his face and says, “Well, that one didn’t work. wonder who that was” It was SO funny!!
  1. I keep forgetting that in Newfoundland if you tell someone you like something in their home they will give it to you, and the other day in a lesson with this really nice guy we have been meeting with I told him that I liked his plants on his table and he sent us home with a plant in a ginger bread house, a Catholic Jesus candle, and 3 apples that he stole of his neighbors tree that just so happens to be a lady we have taught in the past. So that was fun!  haha.. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!

For all of you in Gospel Doctrine Sunday School, you most likely have heard this story, because we shared it with the Gospel Doctrine class that we teach in our branch here, but I just loved this story so much and I wanted to share it with you all:

‚ÄúA man, traveling through the country, came to a large city, very rich and splendid; he looked at it and said to his guide, ‚ÄėThis must be a very righteous people, for I can only see but one little devil in this great city.‚Äô

‚ÄúThe guide replied, ‚ÄėYou do not understand, sir; this city is so perfectly given up to wickedness, corruption, degradation and abomination of every kind that it only requires one devil to keep them all in subjection.‚Äô

“Traveling on a little further he came to a rugged path and saw an old man trying to get up the hill side, surrounded by seven great, big, coarse looking devils.

‚Äú‚ÄėWhy,‚Äô says the traveler, ‚Äėthis must be a tremendously wicked old man, only see how many devils there are around him!‚Äô

‚Äú‚ÄėThis,‚Äô replied the guide, ‚Äėis the only righteous man in the country and there are seven of the biggest devils trying to turn him out of his path and they all cannot do it‚Äô‚ÄĚ

In these last days I have seen that Satan in getting a lot trickier in how he deceives God’s children. The important thing is that we stay prepared, so that when he comes at us we are too strong to be taken from our path. ¬†I love you all, Share your testimony with someone this week. ¬†It doesn’t even need to be a formal sharing, but you can just share it through your actions:) ¬†¬†Until Next Time, God Bless

– Sister Kilmer



Avon Bubble Bath and Midnight Prayers

HELLO EVERYBODY! Life was Good here on “The Rock” this week.

1. On Monday, I ate this Fish at a members home and I actually REALLY liked it. I cant remember what it was, but it was a fresh water fish.. and it was VERY yummy.. so to all you fish eaters out there.. I am making progress!!
2. I have officially synced into the “missionary pattern.” ¬†I know this, because my body and brain just KNOW that before you do anything, you Pray! ¬† And the other night, I woke up at 1:00 in the morning, and Sister Kiser and I¬†both just rolled over and started praying for no apparent reason. Then I looked at the clock and was very excited that it was only 1 and not 6:30! haha!
3. Have any of you seen by Big Fat Greek Wedding? and the dad Gus uses Windex for everything? ¬†Well, I totally met like a real life Gus.. except its a Woman, and it’s with Avon Bubbles!! ¬† She literally uses them for EVERYTHING!! ¬†She just uses different scents for different purposes! ¬†Probably the funniest thing you will ever see. ¬†There is a few bottles in every room of her house!!
4. I SAW THE MORGAN YOUNG WOMENS CHOIR!! ¬†It was SO¬†fun seeing all of the cute girls from Morgan singing at the Women’s Conference. I was just sitting there listening to the pretty music, then all the sudden I saw Kiah Jones, and I am like WHAT!!? ¬†and then I saw a lot of you back home! ¬† ¬†LOVE YOU ALL!!
5.We have been teaching this guy in Pasadena and he is just so awesome. He has been keeping all of our commitments and when we went back this week we had committed him to read some of the Book of Mormon and he told us that he cant read unless he has lots of light so he runs into his bedroom and comes out with this camo hat with a little light inside the rim of the hat and says, ” So i used this so that I could do it.” It was SO FUNNY!! Then we committed him to read 2 more chapters in the Book of Mormon and he was like,” that’s not enough, how about I read 4?” ¬†We were like Okay!! ¬†Then on Sunday he called us and said,”so I read 5 chapters and now I am reading them over again cause I don’t think I understood it as much as I want to but what does murmur mean?” ¬†haha.. ¬†IT WAS SO AWESOME!! ¬† I just wanted to cry happiness tears. ¬†That my friends is MUSIC to a missionaries ears!! haha!
6.¬†We are also working with this super sweet lady to get her reactivated and to the temple. We have been working with her on prayer¬†because¬†she¬†wouldn’t¬†do it due to the fact she felt awkward and she informed us that she has FINALLY STARTED PRAYING AGAIN!! ¬†You don’t even know how happy that made me. ¬†I about started crying right then and there. She is well on her way to the path of the temple.
GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!! I hope that all of you got the chance to listen to General Conference, and if you didn’t, you¬†definitely¬†should get on and listen to it pronto cause it was just SO inspired of God!!
 Here are five of the things President Monson invited each of us to do to be better and to come closer to God:
  • Do more than just believe in Jesus Christ and His mission. Work to learn of Him in the scriptures, come to know Him through prayer, and continually use His power to repent and improve.
  • Know God‚Äôs laws and live them. It‚Äôs the only way to obtain true happiness.
  • Live the truth.
  • Share the truth.
  • Care for our bodies and our minds by observing principles set forth in the Word of Wisdom.

I also especially LOVED the talk given by David A. Bednar about how we can ‘Believe in Christ’, but do we ‘BELIEVE Christ’. ¬† We can know about Christ, but do we KNOW him. ¬† So many questions that each of us can and SHOULD ask ourselves daily. ¬†I have been¬†studying the Doctrine of Christ so much¬†lately, and ¬†have begun to realize how much it goes into EVERYTHING! ¬†I challenge you all to read ¬†2 Nephi 31 and look for the specific points of Doctrine of Christ in each verse. ¬†It is fun, and you will learn how crucial it is in our salvation. AND ¬†go read the talk ‘Fourth Floor, Last Door’ from the General Womens Session by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.¬†

¬†God¬†‚Äúrewards¬†those¬†who¬†earnestly¬†seek¬†him,‚Ä̬†so¬†we¬†need¬†to¬†keep¬†knocking. Don‚Äôt¬†give¬†up.¬†Seek¬†God¬†with¬†all¬†your¬†heart.

Beautiful Newfoundland


Love, Sister Kilmer