Saying Goodbye to Sister Kiser


Flying back to the Mainland


A sign in someone’s yard as she is headed back to the USA.


A familiar face in the new area.


This girl was so happy to find a TSC in her town 🙂


Sister Kilmer and Sister Kiser wrote this song.

Helloooo U.S.A!!  I am BACK!!!  (a little bit) I had the privilege to travel 11 hours in a car and 3 hours on a plane across the Merritimes from the very top of the mission in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland and now I am coming to you all today from Presque Isle, Maine!!

  • When I left Newfoundland on Wednesday is was 12 in the afternoon and -4. We flew on the tiniest plane ever!! it was 10 rows with one seat on each side, the flight attendant was also the copilot, and you could see the cockpit cause it was just wide open, IT WAS AWESOME!
  • My new area is half in Maine and half in New Brunswick, Canada so we go across the border about everyday. It is fun!  We also have 2 different time zones in our area so it gets really confusing when you have 2 lessons at 4!  haha!  We live in a town called Presque Isle and its the best.  I went from almost the smallest branch in the mission to the biggest ward in the mission.  Some of the members have to cross the border to come to church.
  • My new Companion is Sister Fright and she is straight out of the MTC! I am so privileged and excited to be her trainer:) She is from Calgary, Alberta, she was just baptized about a year and 5 months ago, and she is amazing!! Because she is from Canada when we were trying to come into the states we got stuck at the border for about an hour and they weren’t going to let her in, then we said a prayer, and then he let us in. So that was cool!
  • I am also white washing the area, which means they pull out both missionaries and you pretty much come in with no information and no guide and you just start over! So between training and that.. I have got my hands full!! but I love it
  • My favorite parts about Presque Isle so far:
  1. THERE IS A TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY!!! and inside it looks the exact same as Morgans.. It’s the best!! We went in and I walked around and ugh.. I felt I was back at home!:)
  2. There are SO MANY Amish people here! Instead of share the road with a bike signs there are share the road with little Amish buggy signs.. ITS AWESOME!!
  3. The people here are amazing!! Had a way cool experience at church, we were all asked to give a little 5 minute spiritual thought, and afterwards we had a lady come up and give us 2 referrals of her friends.  She said that she has been wanting to refer them to the missionaries for a long time, but she was waiting for the right ones and when we bore our testimonies she knew that we were the missionaries that she had been waiting for!  It was so awesome!:)
  4. We were at a dinner appointment with the cutest family and their little girl was HILARIOUS!  She was explaining the church and says,” ma ma ma whatever church this is.” and then a few minutes later she starts running around with a bunch of money and says, ” I’m rich I’m rich!!  I stole all dads money!” haha.. its was so nice to be around kids again!  We didn’t have any in my last area! Love them:)
  5. Went to play Bingo at a Care facility, and there was the sweetest lady that we went in to visit and I said in a slightly louder voice cause she is old, ” Hi I’m Sister Kilmer.” and she looked at me with the FUNNIEST face and says,” IM NOT DEAF.” so that was fun!! haha..  LOVE YOU ALLLLL!! -Sister Kilmer
  6. P.S. I am in the same area as my former MTC District Leader Elder Hoole!! Good Times!! Way excited for this transfer!!!
My New Mailing address is
 555 Main St.
Presque Isle, ME
** Attached is also a picture of the words to the song that me and Sister Kiser wrote in Cornerbrook**

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