Yes.. it is possible to poop glitter


One Canadian, One American, Awesome Friends


Sis Bailey and I


P-Day fun!


P-Day Games


Brandy, and the Sister Missionaries

What a good week,  Where to start?:

  • We had some really great lessons his week that have been keeping us really busy and it’s so awesome. Isn’t the gospel so amazing?  I love seeing it change people.
  • Are you ready for your life to be changed.. I was introduced to the newest invention this week, wait for it… Glitter poop pills!! Have you ever wanted to poop sparkly?  Well now you can!!   They’ve got pills for that!  haha:)   Never tried it but if you do please inform me on how it goes!
  • One of our investigators this week finally made the decision to be baptized this week so that was really exciting. There will be a lot of work from here on out though to get to that point, but with God she can do it.
  • One of our investigator’s son got drugged candy! He woke up in the middle of the night high and sick and he is only seven year old. SO SAD!!
  • We had exchanges in Freddy-town (Fredericton) this week with Sister Bailey. She is from Utah and went to Northridge high!  She is so awesome!!  My focus for the exchange was the Book of Mormon and focusing on the Doctrine of Christ in EVERYTHING I do.  EVERY contact I have.  So all day we played a game and along with using the Doctrine of Christ in my contacts,  We would point out random objects and we would have to relate it to the gospel.  I felt VERY accomplished when I related the Gospel to a Garbage Can:  Repent: Throwing your sins away.  Baptism/Sacrament: Garbage truck comes and takes your sins.    Holy Ghost: Calendar that guides you to know that you can get rid of them.  Faith: That the Garbage truck is going to keep coming.

And it is all made possible through the Atonement of Christ!!!!!! 🙂

It was super fun! I also did an air conditioner, traffic cone, and many other random objects along our path.  It really helped me a lot to understand how to take simple things that people says and or do and relate it back to the gospel so that I can show people how they live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • While on my exchange we ate at this really yummy Poutine’ery. ( I think that I am a Canadian at Heart) Poutine is Fries+Gravy+Cheese Curds+ any meat or vegetables you want!! YUM!
  • On Sunday we had the privilege of teaching the young women’s lesson on how you can become converted. It was so fun and brought back so many memories.

Conversion is an ongoing process. Every member of this church whether baptized at 8 or not, is a convert. Why? because we have to be continually trying to improve, continually working at our testimony, continually coming to know the savior and his teaching to become continually converted.

Don’t let those moments of great joy, change of heart, and conversion escape your mind.  Remember them!! Record them in your journal!!  Share them in your testimony!! Ponder on them often!!

And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?

Love, Sister Kilmer


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