” Wise men your almost there!!!! “


Tim Horton’s on a cold day


Sis Richardson/ Sis Kilmer


Christmas at the Aucoin’s


A warm December day is a great day


Christmas Video Call


I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!:) Christmas on a mission is a completely different experience and I loved every minute of it!!:)

  • We have had a boil warning all week because they found E-Coli in our water! haha. So you can only use it to shower but if you want to drink it, boiling it first is a necessity!
  • I am moving.. AGAIN!! My new address is

492 Young Street

 Truro, Nova Scotia 

B2N  1Y8

  • Had dinner with a family in our branch and they are both teachers, and I learned an important new fact: Canadian report cards are 6 pages long!!
  • On Christmas Eve Eve, we went around town and tied scarves with light the world cards on them around town for people in need that don’t have much!
  • On Christmas Eve, we had a light the world Hot Cocoa stand and had people write how they were going to light the world on Christmas Day!! Then we baked and took Christmas Cookies around to people and shared a message about keeping Christ in Christmas! It was so fun!!
  • Jackie and Steve gave us Nova Scotia Home jammies and we got to wear them and drink hot chocolate and drive around town and look at Christmas lights while we jammed out to Christmas tunes!
  • On Christmas day, we went to church at 8 a.m. and then went over to Jackie and Steve’s house to open presents and we got to watch Polar Express and Elf and *drum roll please* MIGHTY DUCKS!!! Best Hockey movie (except for Miracle) ever made!!
  • At Sacrament meeting they asked Sister Richardson and I to sing a song, so we did.. hahaha!! They will never ask us to sing a song again!! Sister Richardson is sick, so her voice kept cracking, and I kept singing the wrong words and the wrong verses, so in the middle of the second verse of Once in Royal Davids City, we both just started laughing and were like.. WE ARE SO SORRY this sounds awful, then we finished the song and sat down!! haha!   When living in the life of Sister Kilmer, EVERY DAY is an adventure let me tell ya!


Can We See the Christ?

By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

One night a grandfather was reading a story to his four-year-old granddaughter when she looked up and said, “Grandpa, look at the stars!” The older man smiled kindly and said, “We’re indoors, honey. There are no stars here.” But the child insisted, “You have stars in your room! Look!”

The grandfather looked up and, to his surprise, noticed that the ceiling was peppered with a metallic glitter. It was invisible most of the time, but when the light struck the glitter a certain way, it did indeed look like a field of stars. It took the eyes of a child to see them, but there they were. And from that moment on, when the grandfather walked into this room and looked up, he could see what he had not been able to see before.

We are entering another wonderful Christmas season filled with music and lights, parties and presents. But the glitter of the season should never dim our sight and prevent us from truly seeing the Prince of Peace in His majesty.

Let us all make this year’s Christmas season a time when we acknowledge the miracle that our Almighty God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world!



A little DIRT wont hurt.. But Pneumonia might!!


Nova Scotia Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders


A visit to the temple


New Glascow sisters visiting


Dancing in the Snow


ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!!! We are down to the single digits everybody!! This week was awesome:)

  • We had a dinner appointment with the most awesome family and the Grandma was getting mad at the kids for walking around with bare feet on the floor cause the plumber dropped ‘pneumonia’ on the kitchen floor and then she dropped the pizza on the floor and picks it up and puts it on the table and was like, ” A little dirt won’t hurt.” haha:)   it was so funny!!  We were a little nervous about eating after that!
  • We had our Christmas Conference this week! During the devotional a senior missionary, a Elder, President Pratt, Sister Pratt and I got to give 15 minute talks on assigned topics! It was really fun! Mine was on “Glad Tidings of Great Joy, Gratitude for God’s Plan.” There really is just SO MUCH to be joyful for!!
  • The weather has been so crazy the past few days!! Its been the worst kind!! It snows really hard one day, then it warms up to like -5* so everything starts to melt and then the next day its a high of -14* but we spend most of the day around -20* so everything freezes up!! haha! Let’s just say a day at 0 is a happy day!!:)
  • We were stopping by some people that the Elders that were here before they just switched this area to a Sisters area had written down and we were going to stop by a house but this guy walked out and we talked to him and then we went on to some other people’s homes thinking the lady had moved! I kept having a strong feeling we should go back so finally I was like okay lets just go check! So we went back and we went around back and there were stairs to this door at the top of the house so as we started going up a lady comes out. She told us that she was just diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and wouldn’t make it to the end of the year. Her mom in Holland just sent her her bible, and she was reading it to her friend that was there with her, and she read a verse that said God had someone watching out for her, just then she looked out the window and there were 2 Mormon girls coming up the stairs! It was pretty cool!
  • One of the members daughters turned 15 on Saturday and we got to go to her Party and we sang her our made up rendition of the “Canadian Birthday Song” I will give you a preview… ” Happy Birth- EH to You!!” . yea.. We are Americans.
  • We were walking down this really icy road the other day and my Companion (Bless her Soul) slipped and landed on her back and started kicking her legs and arms like a bug cause she couldn’t get up cause we were wearing so many layers!! haha! the best part was her saying, ” I feel like a turtle I CANT GET UP.” hehe
  • David Archuleta came out with the most amazing song with the most amazing lesson to learn behind it!!


“My Little Prayer”

Heavenly Father, I am grateful

For your eternal presence

I am learning to be patient

And that you are really there.

Sometimes I am afraid,

And I know that’s lacking faith.

But I’m beginning to understand,

That for me you have a plan.

Heavenly Father, I am grateful

For you sending your son

To die so that I live

And for never giving up.

I’m learning everyday

That I won’t always have my way.

But I’m beginning to understand

That for me you have a plan.

Heavenly Father, I am grateful

For you hearing my prayer.

I am learning to be patient,

And that you are really there.

There are answers I’m receiving.

No, they’re not always immediate.

Sometimes I have felt a feeling,

That’s when I kneel down in prayer.

You show me you hear my prayer.

I’m amazed by how you care,

Cause you hear

My little prayer.

Love You all so much! Have a great Christmas Time!! I will leave you with some epic pictures and this cool quote from the Prophet!!

The Christmas season, with it’s special meaning, inevitable prompts a tear, inspires renewed commitment to God, and provides, borrowing the words from the lovely song “Calvary”, “rest to the weary and peace to the soul”.


I know it sounds crazy, but its all true!!

  • It’s so nice to be back in Canada, EXCEPT for the Cold! .   It is SO much more freezing and SO much more Humid which is just a recipe for  “PAINFUL” every time you walk outside.. even with 17 layers of clothing on!  haha!
  • I absolutely LOVE my new companion Sister Richardson! She has been out for a year and is from Utah!  We have a lot in common, she used to teach tumbling and cheer as well, so its just so fun! We just dance and sing and preach the Gospel out here!!
  • We had the coolest experience on our very first day together. We had planned to do former’s on transfer night, but we both just weren’t getting any inspiration on who we should visit so we decided to pray about it.. so we did!   Both of us had a really strong feeling that we should be knocking instead!  So we started looking at this map and we picked Johnson Ave and drove there, but as we were driving down the street we still felt no inspiration, so we prayed to know if that was where we should be and we felt inspired to go to Brunswick St about 5 minutes away very strongly. So we went and got out and started knocking and nobody was answering so we were getting a little confused why were felt so strongly we should be there! and We had another appointment to get to so we were going to turn back to our car, but I felt like we needed to try this one more house that had really caught my attention, and as we started walking to it a man came out and walked right to us and we started talking to him and he had investigated before and he said that if he were to join any church it would be the Mormon church and that he would like to meet again along with his 19 year old daughter that lives with him! After meeting him we both just had a confirmation that that was why we were there! IT WAS AWESOME!!
  • We had a lesson with a 16 year old girl that has lived in foster care and now her sister is raising her. It is such a sad situation. We were planning on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson but she didn’t read the reading assignment so we ended up just reading in Doctrine and Covenants about the kingdoms of Glory and SHES ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!! YAY!! She gets off of Parole in February and her baptism date is March 7th:)
  • We had a lesson with a FAMILY!! They were really just looking for a purpose in life and felt that they weren’t finding it, so we taught them the restoration using cups and they were asking questions and making lots of comments. They were captivated the whole lesson. They had prior engagements this Sunday but said that they were making it a priority to be there next week and so I invited them to be baptized and Courtney just started crying and they committed to January 14th!!
  • Met a guy on the street and he started telling us all of these doctrines that he had proven to be true! haha.. he said that God is a woman and that these queens were coming to Earth and they picked up Adam on their way here so they could make more humans and that Horus was actually Jesus Christ and he did everything first 6,000 years before and then Jesus came and copied him and they just got the dates mixed up and stuff! Then he went on about how women ruled the world but then men got mad so they took over! haha.. It was a new one!! Then afterwards he was like, ” I know it sounds crazy, but its all true!”
  • At church on Sunday, a lady asked us to play the organ for sacrament and neither of us ever have played the organ.. SO.. we just tag teamed it and I played the bottom hand and Sister Richardson played the top hand and surprisingly.. it sounded….. AWFUL! haha!!   But we got some good laughs out of it!  There was only 22 people at church anyways!

I have been asked by President Pratt to give a 15 minute talk at Zone Conference Christmas Devotional this week, and as I was studying for it, I came across this amazing story!   I invite you all to read it and remember that we are the source of our own happiness!!

LOVE YOU ALL – Sister Kilmer 



How I Learned to Be Happy

“The gospel fills my life with such joy!” the young woman at the pulpit in my student ward exclaimed. I could tell it was true, but my own heart was heavy. I had always been a member of the Church, and I believed in the gospel with all my heart. I followed its principles faithfully. But I didn’t feel that there was any true joy in my life, only the never-ending demands of school, church callings, friends, and family. Why couldn’t I feel the way the girl at the pulpit did?

The question soon began to consume my thoughts. The familiar Book of Mormon scripture echoed in my head: “Men are, that they might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:25). I became determined to find an answer. “Father in Heaven,” I prayed late one night, “please, oh please. I’m not happy, and I’m not sure why. Where can I find the joy that prophets and others speak of?”

I crossed campus the next day, sure that now I would get the answer to my prayers. Rain had been falling for three days, filling the flower beds and spilling down the sidewalks. As I plodded through the puddles, I peered into the faces of the other students and wondered if they were truly happy. The day passed as usual, and I was still discouraged. I sat doing homework, more downhearted than ever. The shrill ring of the telephone shattered the silence of my self-pity.

“Catherine!” It was my dad’s cheery voice. “How are you?” “Hi, Dad,” I said. “I’m okay.” “Just okay?” he asked. Soon I had told him the whole problem. Finally, I asked, “Where can I find true joy?” He was silent for a moment, thinking.

“When I was in Germany on a mission,” he said slowly, “the sun sometimes shone for only a few hours a day. Depressing darkness would fill the rest of our waking hours. I struggled with the gloominess for some time before I learned that if I wanted to have sunshine, I had to carry it with me in my heart.”

I think back on this conversation with my dad regularly. My answer came then. Joy is something inside a person. It comes from living the gospel, being grateful for the opportunity to do so, and then remembering to simply be happy about it.




Playing in the snow.


Sis Fright, Me, Elders Nebeker, Hoole, Oode


Maine is so beautiful!


I LOVE the Hobson’s


Our District Mormon Mafia


Our district (AKA The Book of Mormons) at the light parade.


The Book Tree we made at the library

Hello Everybody!  It has sure been a while!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay in the great U.S.A. very long!  My new home is in Truro, Nova Scotia 🙂   I have also been given the new assignment of Sister Training Leader (STL) which is just the girl form of Zone Leader 🙂  I am super excited for this opportunity!!   I feel slightly unqualified being that I have only been out for 4 1/2 months, but I know that if Heavenly Father believes in me then I believe in him to qualify me:)

  • This week we finally got to have our #LIGHTTHEWORLD float in our parade!  It was so much work but it turned out AMAZING:) We gave out about 3,000 light the world cards and it was so much fun!!  When they were announcing our float the announcer said,” it’s the light of the world.” and another lady yells into the microphone.  “ITS THE BOOK OF MORMONS!!” and then the announcer says,” Oh, that’s the Church of Latter Day Saints.” and then the lady yells again,  ” Oh yea!  Its the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Missionaries!”  . hey.. they got it eventually:)  It just takes some team work!
  • There has been SO MUCH SNOW lately! We had a big snow storm that dumped about 2 feet and so we did some shovel contacting and started shoveling random people’s driveways!  While shoveling one driveway the ladies neighbors giant tree in the front of her house split in half and the half that fell went right on her car, but when we asked to help her she refused!   We also started helping this older guy and after a while of helping and talking he told us that he has a bad heart condition and that morning when he woke up he prayed that somebody would come help him, low and behold guess who shows up?  The Mormon Missionaries 🙂  He was so excited!!!
  • There was a mouse in our car. Enough said.
  • We got to build a tree out of a little over 6,000 books at the library this week!! The pictures speak for itself  🙂  It took 7 of us 6 hours, BUT we got it done and she posted pictures of it on the Facebook page AND a picture of it and a thank you was on the news!!  So it was a really awesome service opportunity, and she even let us put a Book of Mormon right in the top center for all to see:) It was amazing!!!
  • On Sunday, we had one of the less actives we have been working with come to church.. I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!! It was the best day 🙂
  • We knocked on the door of the sweetest lady the other day and she was very reluctant, and saying that she didn’t believe in Joseph Smith and such but I asked her a bunch of questions and she eventually agreed to meet with us, so we went back to teach her and we talked about the Plan of Salvation and she just started to cry and she wanted to be baptized, so we chose a date and then we found out she was having surgery to have ALL of the teeth in her mouth removed and she was so scared, so we taught her about priesthood blessings, and she asked to have one. So we left and asked the elders to come over and we felt that Elder Wynder should give the blessing but we figured we would let them decide and so we asked who felt that they should give the blessing (they had not met/seen her yet) and Elder Wynder said he did..  So we were like cool!   So we went in and he gave the blessing and she said she felt the spirit so strong, and when we left Elder Wynder told us that about 4 months ago him and his companion had knocked into that same lady and when they talked to her he KNEW she needed a blessing, but she wouldn’t listen, and they never went back and then went on to tell us that after he said amen from the blessing, he had a feeling that he had accomplished what he was called to this area to do (he has been here for over 6 months).  He is now being transferred to PEI to be the new District Leader!!  It was so awesome!:)

My new address:

100 Victoria St #1

Truro, Nova Scotia

B2N 1Y8


Love, Sister Kilmer 🙂