Playing in the snow.


Sis Fright, Me, Elders Nebeker, Hoole, Oode


Maine is so beautiful!


I LOVE the Hobson’s


Our District Mormon Mafia


Our district (AKA The Book of Mormons) at the light parade.


The Book Tree we made at the library

Hello Everybody!  It has sure been a while!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay in the great U.S.A. very long!  My new home is in Truro, Nova Scotia 🙂   I have also been given the new assignment of Sister Training Leader (STL) which is just the girl form of Zone Leader 🙂  I am super excited for this opportunity!!   I feel slightly unqualified being that I have only been out for 4 1/2 months, but I know that if Heavenly Father believes in me then I believe in him to qualify me:)

  • This week we finally got to have our #LIGHTTHEWORLD float in our parade!  It was so much work but it turned out AMAZING:) We gave out about 3,000 light the world cards and it was so much fun!!  When they were announcing our float the announcer said,” it’s the light of the world.” and another lady yells into the microphone.  “ITS THE BOOK OF MORMONS!!” and then the announcer says,” Oh, that’s the Church of Latter Day Saints.” and then the lady yells again,  ” Oh yea!  Its the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Missionaries!”  . hey.. they got it eventually:)  It just takes some team work!
  • There has been SO MUCH SNOW lately! We had a big snow storm that dumped about 2 feet and so we did some shovel contacting and started shoveling random people’s driveways!  While shoveling one driveway the ladies neighbors giant tree in the front of her house split in half and the half that fell went right on her car, but when we asked to help her she refused!   We also started helping this older guy and after a while of helping and talking he told us that he has a bad heart condition and that morning when he woke up he prayed that somebody would come help him, low and behold guess who shows up?  The Mormon Missionaries 🙂  He was so excited!!!
  • There was a mouse in our car. Enough said.
  • We got to build a tree out of a little over 6,000 books at the library this week!! The pictures speak for itself  🙂  It took 7 of us 6 hours, BUT we got it done and she posted pictures of it on the Facebook page AND a picture of it and a thank you was on the news!!  So it was a really awesome service opportunity, and she even let us put a Book of Mormon right in the top center for all to see:) It was amazing!!!
  • On Sunday, we had one of the less actives we have been working with come to church.. I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!! It was the best day 🙂
  • We knocked on the door of the sweetest lady the other day and she was very reluctant, and saying that she didn’t believe in Joseph Smith and such but I asked her a bunch of questions and she eventually agreed to meet with us, so we went back to teach her and we talked about the Plan of Salvation and she just started to cry and she wanted to be baptized, so we chose a date and then we found out she was having surgery to have ALL of the teeth in her mouth removed and she was so scared, so we taught her about priesthood blessings, and she asked to have one. So we left and asked the elders to come over and we felt that Elder Wynder should give the blessing but we figured we would let them decide and so we asked who felt that they should give the blessing (they had not met/seen her yet) and Elder Wynder said he did..  So we were like cool!   So we went in and he gave the blessing and she said she felt the spirit so strong, and when we left Elder Wynder told us that about 4 months ago him and his companion had knocked into that same lady and when they talked to her he KNEW she needed a blessing, but she wouldn’t listen, and they never went back and then went on to tell us that after he said amen from the blessing, he had a feeling that he had accomplished what he was called to this area to do (he has been here for over 6 months).  He is now being transferred to PEI to be the new District Leader!!  It was so awesome!:)

My new address:

100 Victoria St #1

Truro, Nova Scotia

B2N 1Y8


Love, Sister Kilmer 🙂

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