I know it sounds crazy, but its all true!!

  • It’s so nice to be back in Canada, EXCEPT for the Cold! .   It is SO much more freezing and SO much more Humid which is just a recipe for  “PAINFUL” every time you walk outside.. even with 17 layers of clothing on!  haha!
  • I absolutely LOVE my new companion Sister Richardson! She has been out for a year and is from Utah!  We have a lot in common, she used to teach tumbling and cheer as well, so its just so fun! We just dance and sing and preach the Gospel out here!!
  • We had the coolest experience on our very first day together. We had planned to do former’s on transfer night, but we both just weren’t getting any inspiration on who we should visit so we decided to pray about it.. so we did!   Both of us had a really strong feeling that we should be knocking instead!  So we started looking at this map and we picked Johnson Ave and drove there, but as we were driving down the street we still felt no inspiration, so we prayed to know if that was where we should be and we felt inspired to go to Brunswick St about 5 minutes away very strongly. So we went and got out and started knocking and nobody was answering so we were getting a little confused why were felt so strongly we should be there! and We had another appointment to get to so we were going to turn back to our car, but I felt like we needed to try this one more house that had really caught my attention, and as we started walking to it a man came out and walked right to us and we started talking to him and he had investigated before and he said that if he were to join any church it would be the Mormon church and that he would like to meet again along with his 19 year old daughter that lives with him! After meeting him we both just had a confirmation that that was why we were there! IT WAS AWESOME!!
  • We had a lesson with a 16 year old girl that has lived in foster care and now her sister is raising her. It is such a sad situation. We were planning on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson but she didn’t read the reading assignment so we ended up just reading in Doctrine and Covenants about the kingdoms of Glory and SHES ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!! YAY!! She gets off of Parole in February and her baptism date is March 7th:)
  • We had a lesson with a FAMILY!! They were really just looking for a purpose in life and felt that they weren’t finding it, so we taught them the restoration using cups and they were asking questions and making lots of comments. They were captivated the whole lesson. They had prior engagements this Sunday but said that they were making it a priority to be there next week and so I invited them to be baptized and Courtney just started crying and they committed to January 14th!!
  • Met a guy on the street and he started telling us all of these doctrines that he had proven to be true! haha.. he said that God is a woman and that these queens were coming to Earth and they picked up Adam on their way here so they could make more humans and that Horus was actually Jesus Christ and he did everything first 6,000 years before and then Jesus came and copied him and they just got the dates mixed up and stuff! Then he went on about how women ruled the world but then men got mad so they took over! haha.. It was a new one!! Then afterwards he was like, ” I know it sounds crazy, but its all true!”
  • At church on Sunday, a lady asked us to play the organ for sacrament and neither of us ever have played the organ.. SO.. we just tag teamed it and I played the bottom hand and Sister Richardson played the top hand and surprisingly.. it sounded….. AWFUL! haha!!   But we got some good laughs out of it!  There was only 22 people at church anyways!

I have been asked by President Pratt to give a 15 minute talk at Zone Conference Christmas Devotional this week, and as I was studying for it, I came across this amazing story!   I invite you all to read it and remember that we are the source of our own happiness!!

LOVE YOU ALL – Sister Kilmer 



How I Learned to Be Happy

“The gospel fills my life with such joy!” the young woman at the pulpit in my student ward exclaimed. I could tell it was true, but my own heart was heavy. I had always been a member of the Church, and I believed in the gospel with all my heart. I followed its principles faithfully. But I didn’t feel that there was any true joy in my life, only the never-ending demands of school, church callings, friends, and family. Why couldn’t I feel the way the girl at the pulpit did?

The question soon began to consume my thoughts. The familiar Book of Mormon scripture echoed in my head: “Men are, that they might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:25). I became determined to find an answer. “Father in Heaven,” I prayed late one night, “please, oh please. I’m not happy, and I’m not sure why. Where can I find the joy that prophets and others speak of?”

I crossed campus the next day, sure that now I would get the answer to my prayers. Rain had been falling for three days, filling the flower beds and spilling down the sidewalks. As I plodded through the puddles, I peered into the faces of the other students and wondered if they were truly happy. The day passed as usual, and I was still discouraged. I sat doing homework, more downhearted than ever. The shrill ring of the telephone shattered the silence of my self-pity.

“Catherine!” It was my dad’s cheery voice. “How are you?” “Hi, Dad,” I said. “I’m okay.” “Just okay?” he asked. Soon I had told him the whole problem. Finally, I asked, “Where can I find true joy?” He was silent for a moment, thinking.

“When I was in Germany on a mission,” he said slowly, “the sun sometimes shone for only a few hours a day. Depressing darkness would fill the rest of our waking hours. I struggled with the gloominess for some time before I learned that if I wanted to have sunshine, I had to carry it with me in my heart.”

I think back on this conversation with my dad regularly. My answer came then. Joy is something inside a person. It comes from living the gospel, being grateful for the opportunity to do so, and then remembering to simply be happy about it.



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