A little DIRT wont hurt.. But Pneumonia might!!


Nova Scotia Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders


A visit to the temple


New Glascow sisters visiting


Dancing in the Snow


ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!!! We are down to the single digits everybody!! This week was awesome:)

  • We had a dinner appointment with the most awesome family and the Grandma was getting mad at the kids for walking around with bare feet on the floor cause the plumber dropped ‘pneumonia’ on the kitchen floor and then she dropped the pizza on the floor and picks it up and puts it on the table and was like, ” A little dirt won’t hurt.” haha:)   it was so funny!!  We were a little nervous about eating after that!
  • We had our Christmas Conference this week! During the devotional a senior missionary, a Elder, President Pratt, Sister Pratt and I got to give 15 minute talks on assigned topics! It was really fun! Mine was on “Glad Tidings of Great Joy, Gratitude for God’s Plan.” There really is just SO MUCH to be joyful for!!
  • The weather has been so crazy the past few days!! Its been the worst kind!! It snows really hard one day, then it warms up to like -5* so everything starts to melt and then the next day its a high of -14* but we spend most of the day around -20* so everything freezes up!! haha! Let’s just say a day at 0 is a happy day!!:)
  • We were stopping by some people that the Elders that were here before they just switched this area to a Sisters area had written down and we were going to stop by a house but this guy walked out and we talked to him and then we went on to some other people’s homes thinking the lady had moved! I kept having a strong feeling we should go back so finally I was like okay lets just go check! So we went back and we went around back and there were stairs to this door at the top of the house so as we started going up a lady comes out. She told us that she was just diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and wouldn’t make it to the end of the year. Her mom in Holland just sent her her bible, and she was reading it to her friend that was there with her, and she read a verse that said God had someone watching out for her, just then she looked out the window and there were 2 Mormon girls coming up the stairs! It was pretty cool!
  • One of the members daughters turned 15 on Saturday and we got to go to her Party and we sang her our made up rendition of the “Canadian Birthday Song” I will give you a preview… ” Happy Birth- EH to You!!” . yea.. We are Americans.
  • We were walking down this really icy road the other day and my Companion (Bless her Soul) slipped and landed on her back and started kicking her legs and arms like a bug cause she couldn’t get up cause we were wearing so many layers!! haha! the best part was her saying, ” I feel like a turtle I CANT GET UP.” hehe
  • David Archuleta came out with the most amazing song with the most amazing lesson to learn behind it!!


“My Little Prayer”

Heavenly Father, I am grateful

For your eternal presence

I am learning to be patient

And that you are really there.

Sometimes I am afraid,

And I know that’s lacking faith.

But I’m beginning to understand,

That for me you have a plan.

Heavenly Father, I am grateful

For you sending your son

To die so that I live

And for never giving up.

I’m learning everyday

That I won’t always have my way.

But I’m beginning to understand

That for me you have a plan.

Heavenly Father, I am grateful

For you hearing my prayer.

I am learning to be patient,

And that you are really there.

There are answers I’m receiving.

No, they’re not always immediate.

Sometimes I have felt a feeling,

That’s when I kneel down in prayer.

You show me you hear my prayer.

I’m amazed by how you care,

Cause you hear

My little prayer.

Love You all so much! Have a great Christmas Time!! I will leave you with some epic pictures and this cool quote from the Prophet!!

The Christmas season, with it’s special meaning, inevitable prompts a tear, inspires renewed commitment to God, and provides, borrowing the words from the lovely song “Calvary”, “rest to the weary and peace to the soul”.



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