It’s Called a Polar Vortex?!?


Cute hats for the hospital


Rain on the way to Cape Breton


Getting splashed by a wave


The Causeway!


Sunshine on the way back from Cape Breton with Sister Olsen


Sister Auvienge and I

What a fun week!! It went by SO FAST! I can’t believe it!

  • This week we survived the Polar Vortex!! Don’t know what that is? Neither did I!! Apparently from inland the air blowing was warm and from the Ocean the air was blowing cold at each other and they collided so it was raining really hard and the air up high was warm but once it got to the ground it was so cold, it instantly froze. We had a solid inch of ice on our entire car and you would think that the town was preparing for an apocalypse! I have never seen anything like it!  Needless to say we were stuck inside for the rest of the night!!
  • We got to go up to Cape Breton Island for a couple days and watch the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast! It is SO BEAUTIFUL UP THERE! It is the Island above Nova Scotia, and they connected it by building a Causeway! Driving there it was the worst rain storm I have ever seen!  We got out of the car to take a picture next to the yellow guy and we were only out of the car for 45 seconds and I was soaked from head to toe!! It was really sunny on the way back though so we got way cool pictures of the Causeway!
  • Got to eat at the BEST POUTINERY!! New York Fries! They had one in Cape Breton and I was so excited!! Get this…. Butter Chicken Poutine!! Yep!  Its heaven 🙂
  • We got back to Truro, to have a lesson with one of our investigators.. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, and he was so amazed that if Adam and Eve wouldn’t have fallen then we would have never come to earth! He was like “Oh My Gosh”!! I never would have thought!!! It was so awesome:) Sometimes I forget that these things aren’t just common knowledge!!
  • We had the Sisters serving in Cole Harbor come up for the day on Saturday for an exchange! I got to help Sister Auvienge with her training for the day! She is SO CUTE!  She is from Lehi Utah, and she just graduated in 2016!  This is only her second transfer and her trainer is… wait for it.. SISTER KISER!!  I missed her so much!  She got so lucky to have such an awesome trainer! We had a really good day and she did great!
  • We had a family history booth at the local indoor Farmers Market! It was really fun!! We were right next to this really nice Indian guy who was selling chicken curry and Butter Chicken and it smelled so good!  When he was serving a customer we accidentally knocked over his garbage, so I picked it up for him and he gave us free butter chicken!!  It was so nice and SO GOOD!!!!
  • A lady in the Branch knitted a bunch of preemie baby hats and gave them to Sister Olsen and I to take to the hospital! They were so cute!!:)




” Hey! I am starting my own street ministry too!”

  • Fun Fact that I didn’t know.. The Ocean can get so cold, that it just turns all the water into slush! I learned that at our field trip to the beach this week! It mostly just looks like a big open field of snow, but it moves! It kinda looks like a water bed, pretty sure that is where they got the idea! The water is just slush and the waves freeze on the rocks! It is pretty crazy and really fun to watch!!

  • On Friday, we volunteer at the Food Bank and we get to meet the most amazing people!:) This last week a guy walked in and he smelt like cat pee really strong and another volunteer was like oh my goodness you have been in the trees I can tell! You smell like trees! I LOVE that smell.. I want like.. What trees you smellin? haha!
  • We did a Hot Chocolate stand at the new ice skating rink in front of the library here in Truro and they made a video about it.. WE MADE THE VIDEO! I am a  celebrity! haha.. It was really entertaining to watch everybody skating!
  • We met this one guy and he just started telling us about how he just started his own street ministry too and he was glad we had caught on, we were like.. hmm.. we aren’t starting a street ministry! haha  but he wasn’t all there!
  • I miss Sister Richardson so much!! She is my BFF! But I am really excited to serve with Sister Olsen now! She is on her last transfer so she is nearing the end of her mission! I love her so much! She is 33 and before her mission she worked as a school teacher for kids with autism! She was baptized when she was 18 and she is the only member in her family! She has a way cool conversion story too..

I love you all so much! Keep on Keeping on!   Pray always! 🙂  I loved something my brother sent me today!  Satan does his best work with people who are in the “good enough” zone.  Like they do their thing, go to church, read, etc and they feel they are good enough, but they are not really valiant by any means.  DO NOT let Satan tell you that you are okay to slack.. ITS NOT TRUE!  Heavenly Father wants his children to return to live with him and its the little things that take us a long ways away!  Remember the council from modern day prophets.. Read the For strength of youth and FOLLOW IT!  Read the Family Proclamation to the World and FOLLOW IT!  Read your Patriarchal Blessing and FOLLOW IT!! THESE are the last days that the Book of Mormon is referring to! It was written for our day! Don’t start tomorrow, Don’t start next week, Start TODAY! This Second!  And if you mess up.. Start again.. Right then! Don’t wait to make your new year, new month, new week resolution! START NOW! 

Sister Kilmer

The Inspired Doritos

  • We went Rock climbing last week on P-day! I was pretty proud of myself for making it to the top considering the “30 minutes of vigorous exercise” every morning at 6:30 usually turns into 30 minutes of vigorous sleeping.. we call them “relaxation exercises”! 

  • Went to New Glascow on Tuesday to help with some training for a cute greenie there! We went out knocking and people kept telling us that it was way too cold to be out. After a few people, we finally went and looked at the temperature and it was -22* with a wind chill of -30*.. or in other words.. it was too cold for us to be out! HAHA!
  • On Friday I started getting missionary grey hairs (not really) but I hit my 6 months!! say WHAT?  I’m pretty sure somebody miss counted cause it feels like 3 months but.. whatever!! Time flies when your having fun!!
  • Went to Dartmouth on Saturday to train another Sister there for the day! Another really fun exchange! We met a guy knocking and he spent like 20 minutes teaching us how to put tea tree oil on our gums so when we wake up in the morning it feels like we already brushed our teeth so we don’t have to, and we can get straight to our coffee and cigarettes! haha! It was funny!
  • Got to help out at the food bank on Monday! We shucked corn for 2 hours! haha:) Just saying.. when I get home I will be more than happy to shuck corn for you Dad! as long as its no more than 300!! 
  • I am really sad to be losin my Best friend this week!! Sister Richardson and I are literally twins in every way possible!  Luckily she will still be in my Zone!  I am getting a new companion Sister Olsen! She was actually my first STL when I was in NewFoundland and now I get to serve with her for her last transfer and I am so excited! I am now 5/5 (five transfers out and five different companions)
  • We really saw a lot of miracles in our mission this week! We had a Surge Week so there was different challenges for each day to do and such! It was so fun! Our missionaries really stepped it up and was able to see how amazing they truly are!! We are really excited for the 2017 year! We have set some amazing goals to help us find people to teach the gospel! One miracle in particular I have to share because it is kinda funny!! Now if you have seen the movie THE BEST TWO YEARS you will understand, We were weekly planning and all the sudden, I had a huge urge to want Doritos and I was like.. I want some like now! So we decided we would head on down to the grocery store and as we are walking we meet this super sweet lady and we teach her on the sidewalk, she is living in a shelter right now, has three kids and no money! She has been so prepared for the Gospel! so yes.. They were inspired Doritos! I am pretty much Elder Rogers from The Best Two Years! 

Anyways, I love you all so much!! You are all so amazing:) Keep praying, Keep believing, Keep growing! 

– Sister Kilmer

Alma 51:31 – When Joseph Smith turns 12 and wants to be a Latter-day Saint…

This week has been one of those weeks, yea know the kind, when you kinda just want to sit on the couch and say NO to the day!  Haha, the Good News is that we didn’t do that, we got out and it turned out really well!!

  • On Tuesday, we were supposed to have a lesson with this really cute girl. She lives on the worst street in town meaning if you want to find a drug dealer.. knock on any door! haha, but anyways it was 7:30 at night and she wasn’t home so we gave her call (no answer) and a couple days go by and we get a text saying She got hit by a car by a drunk driver while she was crossing a cross walk, then she got out of the hospital and was driving on the highway and she rolled her car into a ravine and they rushed her to the hospital ICU again and then she was okay so she got to go home. Confused?? yeah same!! Next time we are going to try to catch her before she is already gone!:)
  • We met with a guy, who’s son died about 14 years ago from a brain tumor and he just got custody of his daughter from his ex-wife that heavily abused her and she has severe problems from it now and its so sad! What’s even more sad is that he refuses to have a belief in God and wants nothing to do with it!  It broke my heart.
  • There is a lady that comes to church every week and we found out that she is not a member, so we decided to have a lesson with her this week and it turns out she wants to be baptized, but she lives with a man and its like her “husband” but they cant get married because he cant find his wife!  So we asked her what her favorite scripture was and she says ‘Alma 51!’   So I said alright lets turn there. She points to it all excited, to verse 31 and says, ” This is when Joseph Smith is 12 and decides he wants to become a Latter Day Saint!”  I was like “oh. would you like to read it for us?” and it reads:

“But behold he met with a disappointment by being repulsed by Teancum and his men, for they were great warriors; for every man of Teancum did exceed the Lamanites in their strength and in their skill of war, insomuch that they did gain advantage over the Lamanites.”

Lets just say.. we were a little confused!!  haha  We can work on that:)

  • The Zone Leaders got us a 50 pack of Tim Bits to wish us luck for our big training at Zone Conference this week! It was about putting on the Armour of God and it was a blast!  Sister Pratt even got a Nerf gun and started shooting Elder Ostermiller in the middle of the training, if that is not the coolest Mission Presidents Wife, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!   . I love her:)  But anyways, I would invite you all to open up the bible to Ephesians Chapter 6 and read about putting on the Armour of God! and then watch this cool Bible video..

He That is Mighty to Save… 2017

What a fun last week of 2016!!:) Crazy how fast time goes by!! This week, I learned a lot and had a lot of really fun experiences!!
  • We got all moved to our new apartment this week!! It was a lot of work, but we are finally all settled in and safe!
  • We got to drive to Moncton,NB for our Mission Leadership Conference with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. It was super fun to see everyone! Sister Pratt gave an amazing training on Charity!! We also had a training on Contacting and it went like an hour over time because the discussion got so spiritual and deep and it made me want to just tare down the town of Truro and preach the Gospel to them all:)
  • Sister Richardson and I wrote a missionary rap song and it was so good that the Zone Leaders gave us Missionary Rap Names: Kill em’ (KILMER) and Rich Money (RICHARDSON) it’s no big deal, other than we might be starring on mormon channel soon! haha
  • Our investigator Becca is doing SO WELL!! I had an experience with her this week that really reminded me of why I am a missionary and what this is all about. We prepared a lesson to teach about Prayer and Scripture study and we were doing a break out were I went with her and Sister Richardson went with her sister and I was reading with her in Alma about Prayer. As we were going through all the times you should pray, I felt impressed to ask her if there was ever a time that she used prayer to overcome evil in her life.
    Now background about Becca:
    At age 4 she was put into foster care. She was heavily abused by her foster parents and that caused her to turn to worldly things for comfort. By Grade 4, she was heavily addicted to Cocaine, Marijuana, Alcohol, and was Self- Harming herself. At the end of Grade 4 she attempted suicide and they finally took her out of her foster home and into another facility to help her. By this point she no longer believed in God or anything of the sort. She started to get occasional visits from her grandma and her sister before attempting suicide again, but this time her phone was sitting by her and right at that moment her grandma posted something on Facebook, making her phone light up and there on the screen was a picture of her and her nephew, as she started to cry. She realized that she couldn’t do it, not to him!  So she decided she wanted to change.  Becca is now 16 and under the guardianship of her older sister. She has quit the drugs and alcohol, but still gets really bad withdrawals.
    As she begins to cry and tears are falling down her face, Becca explains to me that last week she had been around smoke and the withdrawal got so bad that she was shaking and she couldn’t even move. Remembering the things we had talked about, she closed her eyes right there and began to pray, “Heavenly Father please help me, help me have the strength.” over and over, until the temptation went away. The peace that overcame her face at that moment flooded my heart with an overwhelming love for the Gospel and comfort it brings. Then, in answer to my question she replied, “Prayer is the way I can be who I want to become, the only way.”
    I won’t ever forget the love I felt in that moment as I saw a 16 year old girl set down her worries and burdens, humble herself, and ask for help from He who is Mighty to Save. I learned a great deal that day. Missionary work is not about the missionary, its about the Savior and the careful guidance his message gives to all who will hear it and follow! As members of the church, we have a special opportunity to share a message with people.. A message that without your help they will never hear! Help your neighbor, help a friend, a co-worker, a person you meet on the street! Serve them! Show them that it CAN get better, it CAN change, Through He that is Mighty to Save!!

    Love, Sister Kilmer