Alma 51:31 – When Joseph Smith turns 12 and wants to be a Latter-day Saint…

This week has been one of those weeks, yea know the kind, when you kinda just want to sit on the couch and say NO to the day!  Haha, the Good News is that we didn’t do that, we got out and it turned out really well!!

  • On Tuesday, we were supposed to have a lesson with this really cute girl. She lives on the worst street in town meaning if you want to find a drug dealer.. knock on any door! haha, but anyways it was 7:30 at night and she wasn’t home so we gave her call (no answer) and a couple days go by and we get a text saying She got hit by a car by a drunk driver while she was crossing a cross walk, then she got out of the hospital and was driving on the highway and she rolled her car into a ravine and they rushed her to the hospital ICU again and then she was okay so she got to go home. Confused?? yeah same!! Next time we are going to try to catch her before she is already gone!:)
  • We met with a guy, who’s son died about 14 years ago from a brain tumor and he just got custody of his daughter from his ex-wife that heavily abused her and she has severe problems from it now and its so sad! What’s even more sad is that he refuses to have a belief in God and wants nothing to do with it!  It broke my heart.
  • There is a lady that comes to church every week and we found out that she is not a member, so we decided to have a lesson with her this week and it turns out she wants to be baptized, but she lives with a man and its like her “husband” but they cant get married because he cant find his wife!  So we asked her what her favorite scripture was and she says ‘Alma 51!’   So I said alright lets turn there. She points to it all excited, to verse 31 and says, ” This is when Joseph Smith is 12 and decides he wants to become a Latter Day Saint!”  I was like “oh. would you like to read it for us?” and it reads:

“But behold he met with a disappointment by being repulsed by Teancum and his men, for they were great warriors; for every man of Teancum did exceed the Lamanites in their strength and in their skill of war, insomuch that they did gain advantage over the Lamanites.”

Lets just say.. we were a little confused!!  haha  We can work on that:)

  • The Zone Leaders got us a 50 pack of Tim Bits to wish us luck for our big training at Zone Conference this week! It was about putting on the Armour of God and it was a blast!  Sister Pratt even got a Nerf gun and started shooting Elder Ostermiller in the middle of the training, if that is not the coolest Mission Presidents Wife, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!   . I love her:)  But anyways, I would invite you all to open up the bible to Ephesians Chapter 6 and read about putting on the Armour of God! and then watch this cool Bible video..


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