” Hey! I am starting my own street ministry too!”

  • Fun Fact that I didn’t know.. The Ocean can get so cold, that it just turns all the water into slush! I learned that at our field trip to the beach this week! It mostly just looks like a big open field of snow, but it moves! It kinda looks like a water bed, pretty sure that is where they got the idea! The water is just slush and the waves freeze on the rocks! It is pretty crazy and really fun to watch!!

  • On Friday, we volunteer at the Food Bank and we get to meet the most amazing people!:) This last week a guy walked in and he smelt like cat pee really strong and another volunteer was like oh my goodness you have been in the trees I can tell! You smell like trees! I LOVE that smell.. I want like.. What trees you smellin? haha!
  • We did a Hot Chocolate stand at the new ice skating rink in front of the library here in Truro and they made a video about it.. WE MADE THE VIDEO! I am a  celebrity! haha.. It was really entertaining to watch everybody skating!
  • We met this one guy and he just started telling us about how he just started his own street ministry too and he was glad we had caught on, we were like.. hmm.. we aren’t starting a street ministry! haha  but he wasn’t all there!
  • I miss Sister Richardson so much!! She is my BFF! But I am really excited to serve with Sister Olsen now! She is on her last transfer so she is nearing the end of her mission! I love her so much! She is 33 and before her mission she worked as a school teacher for kids with autism! She was baptized when she was 18 and she is the only member in her family! She has a way cool conversion story too..

I love you all so much! Keep on Keeping on!   Pray always! 🙂  I loved something my brother sent me today!  Satan does his best work with people who are in the “good enough” zone.  Like they do their thing, go to church, read, etc and they feel they are good enough, but they are not really valiant by any means.  DO NOT let Satan tell you that you are okay to slack.. ITS NOT TRUE!  Heavenly Father wants his children to return to live with him and its the little things that take us a long ways away!  Remember the council from modern day prophets.. Read the For strength of youth and FOLLOW IT!  Read the Family Proclamation to the World and FOLLOW IT!  Read your Patriarchal Blessing and FOLLOW IT!! THESE are the last days that the Book of Mormon is referring to! It was written for our day! Don’t start tomorrow, Don’t start next week, Start TODAY! This Second!  And if you mess up.. Start again.. Right then! Don’t wait to make your new year, new month, new week resolution! START NOW! 

Sister Kilmer

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