The Inspired Doritos

  • We went Rock climbing last week on P-day! I was pretty proud of myself for making it to the top considering the “30 minutes of vigorous exercise” every morning at 6:30 usually turns into 30 minutes of vigorous sleeping.. we call them “relaxation exercises”! 

  • Went to New Glascow on Tuesday to help with some training for a cute greenie there! We went out knocking and people kept telling us that it was way too cold to be out. After a few people, we finally went and looked at the temperature and it was -22* with a wind chill of -30*.. or in other words.. it was too cold for us to be out! HAHA!
  • On Friday I started getting missionary grey hairs (not really) but I hit my 6 months!! say WHAT?  I’m pretty sure somebody miss counted cause it feels like 3 months but.. whatever!! Time flies when your having fun!!
  • Went to Dartmouth on Saturday to train another Sister there for the day! Another really fun exchange! We met a guy knocking and he spent like 20 minutes teaching us how to put tea tree oil on our gums so when we wake up in the morning it feels like we already brushed our teeth so we don’t have to, and we can get straight to our coffee and cigarettes! haha! It was funny!
  • Got to help out at the food bank on Monday! We shucked corn for 2 hours! haha:) Just saying.. when I get home I will be more than happy to shuck corn for you Dad! as long as its no more than 300!! 
  • I am really sad to be losin my Best friend this week!! Sister Richardson and I are literally twins in every way possible!  Luckily she will still be in my Zone!  I am getting a new companion Sister Olsen! She was actually my first STL when I was in NewFoundland and now I get to serve with her for her last transfer and I am so excited! I am now 5/5 (five transfers out and five different companions)
  • We really saw a lot of miracles in our mission this week! We had a Surge Week so there was different challenges for each day to do and such! It was so fun! Our missionaries really stepped it up and was able to see how amazing they truly are!! We are really excited for the 2017 year! We have set some amazing goals to help us find people to teach the gospel! One miracle in particular I have to share because it is kinda funny!! Now if you have seen the movie THE BEST TWO YEARS you will understand, We were weekly planning and all the sudden, I had a huge urge to want Doritos and I was like.. I want some like now! So we decided we would head on down to the grocery store and as we are walking we meet this super sweet lady and we teach her on the sidewalk, she is living in a shelter right now, has three kids and no money! She has been so prepared for the Gospel! so yes.. They were inspired Doritos! I am pretty much Elder Rogers from The Best Two Years! 

Anyways, I love you all so much!! You are all so amazing:) Keep praying, Keep believing, Keep growing! 

– Sister Kilmer

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