It’s Called a Polar Vortex?!?


Cute hats for the hospital


Rain on the way to Cape Breton


Getting splashed by a wave


The Causeway!


Sunshine on the way back from Cape Breton with Sister Olsen


Sister Auvienge and I

What a fun week!! It went by SO FAST! I can’t believe it!

  • This week we survived the Polar Vortex!! Don’t know what that is? Neither did I!! Apparently from inland the air blowing was warm and from the Ocean the air was blowing cold at each other and they collided so it was raining really hard and the air up high was warm but once it got to the ground it was so cold, it instantly froze. We had a solid inch of ice on our entire car and you would think that the town was preparing for an apocalypse! I have never seen anything like it!  Needless to say we were stuck inside for the rest of the night!!
  • We got to go up to Cape Breton Island for a couple days and watch the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast! It is SO BEAUTIFUL UP THERE! It is the Island above Nova Scotia, and they connected it by building a Causeway! Driving there it was the worst rain storm I have ever seen!  We got out of the car to take a picture next to the yellow guy and we were only out of the car for 45 seconds and I was soaked from head to toe!! It was really sunny on the way back though so we got way cool pictures of the Causeway!
  • Got to eat at the BEST POUTINERY!! New York Fries! They had one in Cape Breton and I was so excited!! Get this…. Butter Chicken Poutine!! Yep!  Its heaven 🙂
  • We got back to Truro, to have a lesson with one of our investigators.. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, and he was so amazed that if Adam and Eve wouldn’t have fallen then we would have never come to earth! He was like “Oh My Gosh”!! I never would have thought!!! It was so awesome:) Sometimes I forget that these things aren’t just common knowledge!!
  • We had the Sisters serving in Cole Harbor come up for the day on Saturday for an exchange! I got to help Sister Auvienge with her training for the day! She is SO CUTE!  She is from Lehi Utah, and she just graduated in 2016!  This is only her second transfer and her trainer is… wait for it.. SISTER KISER!!  I missed her so much!  She got so lucky to have such an awesome trainer! We had a really good day and she did great!
  • We had a family history booth at the local indoor Farmers Market! It was really fun!! We were right next to this really nice Indian guy who was selling chicken curry and Butter Chicken and it smelled so good!  When he was serving a customer we accidentally knocked over his garbage, so I picked it up for him and he gave us free butter chicken!!  It was so nice and SO GOOD!!!!
  • A lady in the Branch knitted a bunch of preemie baby hats and gave them to Sister Olsen and I to take to the hospital! They were so cute!!:)




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