November 1, 1831…Bound to be a good day:)


Zone Conference Twins


Free Hot Chocolate


It’s snowing…again 🙂

First things first, I learned a cool fun fact at church this week.. The very first vision that Joseph Smith records in the Doctrine in Covenants was exactly 165 years before I was born on my birthday.. Kinda cool eh?  haha! Anyways, It has been a great week!

  • I was sick on Friday and Saturday for some reason.. don’t know where it came from, but I felt nasty and my head was so hot you could cook a marshmallow on it, but on Sunday I woke up feeling quite better, just a little sore throat so its all good!:) Then Sunday night I got a huge deep cough going so I have this nice deep voice now.. ITS GREAT:)
  • Zone Conference in Dartmouth was amazing! It was my favorite meeting I have had on my mission yet out of every District and Zone meeting! It was awesome! The spirit was so strong and that really set the tone for SO much personal revelation. There were many questions that I took to Zone conference and I was able to answer most of them and I was able to gain more questions (isn’t that funny how the Gospel works?)
  • We started teaching a new investigator Valerie! She is really awesome! She lives on the Indian Reservation here in Truro in the Mik’Ma community! She is from here but she has been living in Missouri with her American husband and they are moving back here and are looking for a religion,and a home!  We were like.. well we have got the religion and it just so happens a member just moved out of her apartment and is looking for someone to take it over.. so pretty cool!!:)
  • We had a hot chocolate stand in a blizzard.. Rain or Shine these people never stop up here!! haha:) There is ALWAYS people out and about!! Its so crazy..



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