Truro Nova Scotia: Home of the Onesie

Well, we just wrapped up Onesie week here in T-Town! There is a Onesie and Long John factory here, so they have had a celebration all week where everyone wears their onesies and their long johns everywhere they go!  President Pratt wouldn’t give in to our plea to go contacting in them, BUT we did celebrate by wearing our onesies to bed this week!  WAY FUN!

  • We met the cutest old lady this week that is apparently a member of our branch, but just can’t make it in to church. She is the future me.. WHY?  because she has EVERYTHING PINK!!  It was so awesome:) We got along just great!!
  • Had a Skype call at the church for about 45 minutes, when we went into the church, it was a nice calm night!! When we came out of the church.. FULL OUT BLIZZARD!! It took us 25 minutes to get home, which is usually about a 5-7 minute drive haha!!  The weather really has bi-polar issues here!!
  • Had a Multi-Religion Choir Concert this week at the United Church! It was a benefit concert and all the churches in town got together and put on a concert to raise money for it! It was a lot of fun to see everyone working together for a good cause.
  • Becca is still doing so awesome.. she has been thinking about the temple a lot more than baptism lately so.. THATS AWESOME!
  • We asked our neighbor for garlic powder.. acting like good mormons.. and she didnt have any, but she gave us these cute little garlics and told us to cook them.. haha!! I dont know!!  I just don’t understand things that happen in the kitchen!!

Well folks have a good week. It looks like a snow giant threw up outside so I better get going..  PEACE!!! – Sister Kilmer



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