3 Blizzards Down.. and No.. Not from Dairy Queen

  • We are finally done with our 3 blizzards we had here this week! . The snow has multiplied a few times!  Don’t know the total centimeters, but I would guess around 60+!  We were banned to our apartments for 3 days and by the end of it all.. I was SO excited to be outside again, talk about going crazy!!  haha. After all the storms it started to warm up and we are in the positives again so that is a bonus! Lots and Lots of snow!
  • Auntie Jackie Aucoin got us “The Perfect Man” for Valentine’s Day  They are so funny! The chocolate was quite yummy so I was happy!!:)  We got to celebrate their one year from Jackies first lesson on Saturday with them with Tomato Soup and a Tower of Grilled Cheese’s.. YUM!!  Uncle Steve is the best chef in the Province
  • Becca is doing well, we went through the learning and serving in the church with her and our intent for the lesson was to help her set goals and plans to become more converted! She got off of probation on Thursday so that was a really fun celebration for her and she says she finally feels free!! When we got there she had a little piece of paper she gave us that she had written the hymns she wants to sing and the people she wants to give talks at her baptism and it was really cute.
  • Bill is doing well, we taught about families and temples and he said,” well, I always thought I would see my wife again.. I just didn’t know how.” haha! We made some visuals for the plan of salvation and laid them out on his floor and left them there when we left so that he could continue to study them when we left!!  He is really coming along and has been showing a lot of real intent with keeping all of his commitments except coming to church.
  • The Branch is doing very well here! Every week it gets a little bit stronger!! Because of the struggles we have been having getting people out to church, they are reorganizing our branch into a “Basic Unit” which pretty much just means that the Young Womens and Young Mens are run by the Relief Society and Elders Quorum, and they get rid of those auxiliaries! Then the Branch Presidency is in charge of the Sunday School and they get rid of that auxiliary.  Living in a small branch is SO DIFFERENT from Utah!:)
  • Met the cutest lady this week that is less active, she quit coming to church because after she was baptized and they were teaching her about the temple, she thought that they said we talk to dead people in the temple and it scared her so she left! Haha!  She is SO CUTE!  So we talked to her about how we don’t talk to dead people like paranormal activity in the temple and now she is really excited to prepare to go to the temple!:)
  • We had a Family History booth in the Truro Farmers Market again and there was a vendor right next to us that sold chocolate in a billion different shapes so we got some little Lego men…and again.. very good chocolate! I am telling you Canadians have really figured out their chocolate recipes!!


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