Big Butt Salads and Hockey Sticks


Leadership Conference


Leadership Conference


The July 13th Club (Well, a few of them)





Big Butt Salads with Steve and Jackie


Titles of Liberty

  • TRANSFER WEEK: So Sister Olsen has completed all 18 months and is headed home on Friday and I am getting my new companions tomorrow!:)  Sister Hird and Sister Buchanan are my new companions. Sister Buchanan is just temporary because she goes home in 10 days, but Sister Hird is here to stay so we are going to have a lot of fun this transfer! She is from Utah and LOVES DISNEY, so we will get along great!!
  • I got to go to the Doctor this week and apparently I have acquired a bacteria in my esophagus which is the cause for my chest being so tight and hurting all the time! Had to get some tests done in Halifax last week and hoping to hear back soon to see what we can do to fix it! Most likely it will be a antibiotic or something like that!
  • For our lesson with Jackie and Steve this week, We talked about the story in Alma with the titles of liberty, and we made Canadian titles of liberty out of hockey sticks and wrote our own sayings on them. Of course, MINE IS PINK!!  Cause why not!  They also made us “Big Butt Salads” for Sister Olsen’s last supper. Don’t know what that is?  Neither did I!  Pretty much it is just a huge salad with lots of YUMMY stuff on it and then you eat it in big bowls and watch and LDS church movie while you eat it!  It was awesome! 🙂
  • Spent Wednesday through Friday in Dartmouth for Leadership Conference which was a lot of fun. We had lots of training’s and discussion panels to make decisions on how best to help our mission achieve its potential!  We did an exercise one day and we all had our patriarchal blessings and we prayed and read them to know what God’s purpose was for us at this time and it was really powerful!  I would encourage you all to read your blessing often because they truly are the blueprints of our life given by Heavenly Father!
  • It was our branch conference this week so we had the entire stake leadership here. Pretty sure we had more visitors than actual members of the branch here! haha.. We finally got a Branch mission leader cause we haven’t had one for a while so that will be exciting!
  • Met the cutest miniature Hispanic lady on the street yesterday and she just kept saying I love Jesus over and over again then she kept walking away so we just followed her until she finally stopped cause she realized we weren’t going to leave and we taught her a little bit about the Book of Mormon and as soon as we handed it to her she says, “anything for him BYE.” and ran as fast as her little legs would go.  It was so cute!
 Love, Sister Kilmer

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