And Then There Were Two..

What a fun/ eventful week:
  • For Sister Olsen’s last P-day before she went home we went to visit Lunenburg. It is the cutest little fishing town on the coast of Nova Scotia! It is your typical small church town with lots of tourism.. but it is absolutely ADORABLE! Sister Lofgran dared me to get into a lobster trap.. So I did!! haha! Lots of fun sight seeing with the Cole Harbor Sisters!!
  • The day of transfers we get a call from our lovely AP’s Elder Ostermiller and Elder Larsen and they had run the truck out of gas on the highway.. So we had to go buy 2 gas cans and fill them up to come to their rescue. Elders.. am I right?!?  We told them they could only have their gas if they let us take a picture of them to document the moment!!
  • We only had Sister Buchanan as our companion for about 22 hours and then she ended up having to go back to St.Stephen for the baptism of her investigator there so we sadly only were in a trio for less than a day and we had to give her up.. and then there were 2 🙂
  • So in case you were wondering.. I love my new companion Sister Hird! Fun fact.. We are like the exact same person! Let me share some of our similarities:
1. We both LOVE the movie Frozen
2. Our favorite color is Pink
3. We enjoy anything with sparkles
4. Half-Brained
5. Same unicorn onsie
6. UTAH GIRLS (She is from Sandy)
7. We love Jesus
8. WE BOTH LOVE FROZEN.. in case you didn’t already get that!!
ect. ( The list goes on for a while)
  • We were driving down the road in the dark the other day and this big fluffy cat runs across the road and Sister Hird jumps and yells, “Holy! Thats a freakin small deer!” I was like, “ugh. Sister Hird thats a cat.” haha.. It was so funny! She is so cute!:)
  • We help out at the Food Bank on Fridays and this week we were helping people get their vegetables and the lady at the front desk comes up and is like “okay literally there are more hangovers down here than sober people.. is there a sale at the liquor store or something.” It was so funny!! Then like 10 minutes later she sticks her head out the door again and says, “nope. I looked it up.. No Sale!” We got a kick outta that one!!
  • We were visiting the cutest less active and she told us she needed  new walker and we look around and there are 3 in her front room. We were like.. why do you need a new one and she says,” I put the parking break on and kept trying to walk, I don’t know why, and I flipped over the handle bars. So I am getting a new one.” We were like well.. seems logical I guess haha!
  • Looking forward to another great transfer here in Truro! I am really hoping to help build the kingdom here by helping to strengthen the youth and teach repentance and baptize converts! Missionary work is such a blessing and a great tool in the Lords hand in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
  • May God bless you 🙂

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