Maple syrup, Maple bacon, Maple Maple Maple..

  • Got to hang out with a General Authority this week, Elder Muers of the Seventy!  He is SO NICE!  He taught us so much and it was really nice to get to learn from him!  He also came to our MLC this week as well and helped us get ideas to help us with our zones!  It was a lot of fun!!  PLUS NBD but we got to watch the Best Two Years with him, WITH A GENERAL AUTHORITY! Pretty cool!

  • Sister Fowler took us to the Sugar Moon Farms this week!! It is the best place ever. It is a farm and they have a ton of maple trees and they make their own maple syrup and all their food is maple flavored. Maple bacon, maple sausage, maple eggs, maple pancakes, maple hot chocolate, maple butter, maple whip cream, maple fudge, maple EVERYTHING! IT IS THE BEST!! I feel like a true Canadian!!:) I think I really am one at heart!!  We left on a maple sugar HIGH!!  Boy oh boy that stuff is like.. fantastic!!  I can’t even begin to tell you!
  • A more stressful week here in Truro than others. We had all of our investigators decide that they don’t want to learn about the church anymore all this week.. haha.. and now we are back to starting with scratch! But we are excited to find some more people to teach about the Gospel:)
  • Spent Sunday night with the Dartmouth sisters and that was a lot of fun! We celebrated P-day eve by staying up late and singing songs and laughing and Sister Richardson, Sister Hird, and I all slept 3 peas in a pod! It was a party! Then on Monday we played a crazy fun game of dodge ball with all the missionaries in the metro. It was a lot of fun!
  • Had the Cole Harbor sisters here on exchanges and that was a lot of fun! They are just the cutest balls of energy and always know how to make me smile  The most rewarding part of being an STL is seeing them just light up and get so excited about missionary work and having the opportunity to help them and guide them and shape them and get to know who they are and who God wants them to become. Heavenly Father does have a separate plan and a different life and goal for each of us, as we come to understand our own paths it really helps us to flourish so much more. I love this Gospel and I am grateful to be a servant of the Lord!  I wish you all a good week!!

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