Well Crap.. Literally :)

  • SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe found a really cute lady this week, Neghum!  She is from Lebanon and has 3 kids ages 7,9,and 11 🙂  We just knocked on her door and once we told her who we were she was so excited!!  I LOVE sharing the Gospel so much!
  • I used my super chef skills and made some very green cupcakes for Melodie (our less active friend) It was her 5 year mark from being baptized, and St.Patties day, and her favorite color is green.. It was perfect!:)
  • On Friday, we had a Relief Society/ Young Women’s dinner and activity and it was SO FUN!! We got to paint.. No I am not artsy at all.. but it was still fun:)
  • Found another thing Sister Hird and I have in common.. PEANUT BUTTER M&M’s.. YUP!! You got it:) We are soul mates!!:) We also found out that we are pretty good at yoga and monster dancing!!
  • Not a lot else happened this week.. I did step in some poop at the Aucoin’s house while trying to be sneaky and sneaking into their house.. but other than that, it was a pretty usual week!!



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