“Check your speed..” – Patricia the Car Nanny :)

So, imagine that it is April 23rd, You wake up at 6:30 a.m. expected to see some ‘Spring’ outside yeah?   Instead, you look out the window and you see about 5 inches of snow on the ground and its still coming down..  Welcome to New Brunswick Canada 🙂  haha..

  • From the looks of it, Spring is not quite here yet! We had another 2 day snow storm the other day, but we are hoping that it was the last one cause winter is SO supposed to be gone! haha
  • We had Zone Conference in Moncton this week, and it was so fun, the only down side of it was that we got the CAR NANNIES installed to all of our cars!  Haha.. for those of you who have no idea what this is, it is a little box that tracks everything you do when you drive and coaches you to be a better driver and at the end of each transfer to get a rating of green yellow or red of how good you did.. haha.. it is so stressful!  But we named it Patricia so we are friends now!!
  • Emmaline ( a YSA here ) is preparing to go on a mission so she came and spent the day with us on Thursday for a mini mission!!:)  It was so fun!!
  • We have a big downtown here, so we have been setting up a booth right in the hub bub, and talking with EVERYONE around. We have met some pretty funny people and had some really funny contacts. The people here are nothing short of interesting and I love all of them!!
  • We got to help at Eve’s soup kitchen and feed some really fun people on Friday!  He is the coolest chef ever!  There are so many people around here that can use the help!!
  • We are teaching the coolest Syrian refugee family English and it is so fun!!  They had us over for dinner this week, and we all sat on the floor and ate off of this huge platter of food!  I love all of the different cultures they have here!  It is so fun to learn a little bit of all their languages!
Have a good week!:) –  Sister Kilmer   الأخت كيلمر



HELLO Freddy-Town

Hey Hey.. It has been a while 🙂

  • So it has been quite the week of adventures and moving around. I arrived at the Transfer van on Thursday morning and I was informed that the Sister that is moving from Fredericton (where I was going) was really sick so I actually was going to Amherst for a few days, and it was so fun!!!!   I was companions with Sister Grunaeur.  She is from Austria and she is SO FUNNY:)   We had a blast together, lots of laughs and hard work.  We went to visit a less active member and she has every room in her house themed a color..   MY FAVORITE was her living room cause it was ALL PINK!!
  • Late Saturday night I finally got to Fredericton and I love it here:)  They actually have a ward here, VERY SMALL, but it is still classified as a ward and I haven’t been in one of those in a long while.  The best part about church was this cute old man was going around and talking to all of the missionaries, and then suddenly he stops and says, “Now listen here, did you know that all last names stem from what your ancestors did?” and we are all shaking our heads no and he continues while he is going down the line of missionaries,  ” Smith- Yours were probably blacksmiths, Melanson- Yours was probably Melan’s Son,  Kilmer- well, I don’t wanna know what your ancestors did!!” haha..  so I started to laugh and said ‘hey what did they do’ and he looks back and says, “eh, better not get into that one”  It was so funny!! I love people!
  • Last night we were able to have a really fun cottage meeting at a members home with some of her non-member friends and teach about the #princeofpeace and it was so much fun.  Afterwards we sat for about an hour talking to them about our church and what we do as missionaries.. All three of the University students said that it was really interesting and they wanted to be able to learn more about our church and what we believe in. It was awesome.
  • Today we had a member take us and the Elders to his “secret hike.”  It was so funny! We are just following him on the highway and then all the sudden he pulls off on the side of the road and goes through some trees and there is a huge waterfall.  It was beautiful. I don’t understand how people find these random things, but it pays to know someone around this place.


“Well, by the looks of it.. YES”

HEYYY.. So I am REALLY excited because THE SUN CAME OUT!! I have not seen the sun in weeks.. sadly this is not even an exaggeration!! haha.. but a lot has been goin’ on:

  • Because the sun never comes out, a lot of missionaries have been suffering from seasonal depression, so our Mission Presidents wife is the BEST and made us all Vitamin D Playlists! It is just a CD of normal music with happy songs on them.. ITS THE BEST.. and its not motab which is all I have listened to the past 9 months!! haha
  • The New Glasgow sisters surprised us with a pink cake to celebrate the end of a WAY FUN transfer as their STL’s and Sister Hird and I were eating it on the couch. Sister Hird went to get up off the couch but my legs were on top of hers so I went flying across the room with the cake and biffed it so hard on the floor and the cake flew everywhere!! It was so funny, but I was sore for a couple days!! haha
  • Had District Meeting up in Cape Breton this week and on the way home I accidentally missed a turn and it rerouted us.. It was PRICELESS SCENERY! Sometimes it pays to make mistakes am I right?   It was Elder Maughans last district meeting before he goes home and it was a really fun one.
  • We received some very new changes to our mission this week again. Starting next week our P-Days will now be on TUESDAYS! Super weird, but it will be a fun new change.
  • We were having dinner at our Branch Presidents house and his son is 5 going on 15 haha!! He is SO SMART and was telling us about all these different “machines” and such.  So we sit down at the table and he gets a roll and starts eating it and his mom says, “Howard, are you only going to eat a roll for dinner?” and he scans the whole table with the FUNNIEST look on his face and then replies,” Well, by the looks of it.. YES!” and he runs away. It was so funny!  I love kids so much, they are the highlight of funny moments in the mission field 🙂
  • Sister Champ and I went to visit a less active and when we were leaving his house we met the most adorable young lady. She was just walking on her way home from the hospital and was crying so we asked her what had happened and her 10 day old baby and her little girl had been taken from her and she was so devastated. We were able to share some simple truths about how our families can be together forever and it was like a light bulb in her head went off and she got completely calm. It was so sad, but we are excited to teach her more about the gospel.
  • Elder Ostermiller and Elder Larsen had to go to Presque Isle for some mission business and they surprised us with FRUITY PEBBLES AND WHITE CHEDDAR CHEEZ ITS!!!! Two of the best things in the world that Canada has not caught on to yet haha! 🙂  It was the best day ever!!
  • We had the BEST lesson with Ross about the Vision of the Tree of life and the spirit was SO STRONG! He really opened up and started to talk about everything in his life that is a mist of darkness to him and then he came to church on Sunday and LOVED it.  He was answering questions in Sunday School and everything!
  • We got to celebrate Jackies One year birthday from being baptized on Sunday! It was so much fun 🙂 She is just future me.. pink pink pink everything!!
  • Yesterday Sister Hird and I dressed up as Elsa and Anna and it was so fun!! Not very many people noticed, but it was a fun day! We even took Olaf on some of our adventures for the day as well! Sometimes people think we are crazy, but we just think we are fun!!
  • And now for the Heartbreaking news.. I am getting transferred and have to leave my Best friend Sister Hird:(   Truro is getting closed, and she is going to New Glasgow and I am headed to the CITY of Fredericton, New Brunswick! I am really excited to serve in a more populated area because I have only served in small towns up to this point, so it will be a huge change!!

Baptist Concerts and Catholic Mass

Hello!!! It has been a week of a spiritual high and it feels so great!:)
  • On Tuesday we had the privilege of going to Halifax for a baptism of the cutest girl Laurali!:)  She is 12 and is the daughter of a member who grew up in Truro and was baptized here years ago. It was so fun! Afterwards we asked her how clean she felt on a scale of 1 to 10 and she was like.. DEFINITELY a ten!!! It was amazing!
  • We had a lot of really fun lessons this week with our investigators. It is amazing how you can spend so long preparing for a lesson and then you get into it and the spirit just starts teaching you things as you teach.. half the time I didn’t know I knew the things I knew to teach them. I love it so much!
  • Because of Conference we had some extra time on Sunday morning so Sister Hird and I went and visited the Baptist and Catholic churches in town!  It was really interesting to see how different their cultures and ways of worship vary.  The Baptist church was like a Sunday concert focused on Jesus and it was so awesome!!:)  I loved it.  We were just so confused through the whole Catholic Mass because they were constantly reciting things and standing up and sitting down.  I got a good leg work out from it!
  • I LOVED conference this weekend!! It was so amazing. How blessed we are to have heard from our beloved Prophet on the earth today, President Thomas S. Monson.  I found it so beautiful that he talked about something so simple, yet it is something we as members of the church sometimes forget is such a BIG DEAL. We have been warned again and again that even the very elect WILL be deceived by the enemy of truth. Those simple activities of Scripture Study and Daily Prayers are what fortify our testimonies and keep us in line with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “If you do not have a firm testimony of these things, do that which is necessary to obtain one. It is essential for you to have your own testimony in these difficult times, for the testimonies of others will carry you only so far. My dear associates in the work of the Lord, I implore each of us to prayerfully study and ponder the Book of Mormon each day. As we do so, we will be in a position to hear the voice of the Spirit, to resist temptation, to overcome doubt and fear, and to receive heaven’s help in our lives.” -Thomas S. Monson
  • Sister Hird and I made an impulse decision and dyed my hair this morning!! 🙂

Brigham Smith & Phillip Young like us <3

  • One year older.. but I don’t know about wiser too!! haha:)  JUST KIDDING.. We have been heavily celebrating Sister Hird’s grey hairs of hitting 20 this week.. Having a companion with a birthday is amazing, because we get cake DAILY!  It is beautiful:)  The Aucoins had us over and made us Mickey waffles and all things MAPLE.. cause we are obviously like.. the truest of Canadians 🙂
  • We were in Dartmouth on exchanges and we decided to have a Hot Chocolate stand in downtown Dartmouth cause it was a nice sunny day. Now a normal human would think.. hmm.. nice sunny day, it should be warm outside right?? Well think again!   When the sun comes out, it is the coldest days!  Long story short, it wasn’t until about 10:00 that night that my bones stopped hurting from the painful chilly weather! BRR..
  • We met the coolest guy this week that has been so prepared to hear about the Gospel. His name is Ross,
  • This random lady gave us a cool feather tree.. and its PINK! So that is pretty cool if you ask me 🙂
  • If you are wondering, Boston Pizza does put Jack Daniels in their Barbecue sauce, but don’t worry.. It is NOT against the Word of Wisdom.. At least I think so, either way.. It makes it very delicious
  • A random guy on the street walked up and told us that Brigham Smith and Phillip Young are the only people that like us and the rest of them think we are ******* 🙂 . it was funny!!