Brigham Smith & Phillip Young like us <3

  • One year older.. but I don’t know about wiser too!! haha:)  JUST KIDDING.. We have been heavily celebrating Sister Hird’s grey hairs of hitting 20 this week.. Having a companion with a birthday is amazing, because we get cake DAILY!  It is beautiful:)  The Aucoins had us over and made us Mickey waffles and all things MAPLE.. cause we are obviously like.. the truest of Canadians 🙂
  • We were in Dartmouth on exchanges and we decided to have a Hot Chocolate stand in downtown Dartmouth cause it was a nice sunny day. Now a normal human would think.. hmm.. nice sunny day, it should be warm outside right?? Well think again!   When the sun comes out, it is the coldest days!  Long story short, it wasn’t until about 10:00 that night that my bones stopped hurting from the painful chilly weather! BRR..
  • We met the coolest guy this week that has been so prepared to hear about the Gospel. His name is Ross,
  • This random lady gave us a cool feather tree.. and its PINK! So that is pretty cool if you ask me 🙂
  • If you are wondering, Boston Pizza does put Jack Daniels in their Barbecue sauce, but don’t worry.. It is NOT against the Word of Wisdom.. At least I think so, either way.. It makes it very delicious
  • A random guy on the street walked up and told us that Brigham Smith and Phillip Young are the only people that like us and the rest of them think we are ******* 🙂 . it was funny!!



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