“Well, by the looks of it.. YES”

HEYYY.. So I am REALLY excited because THE SUN CAME OUT!! I have not seen the sun in weeks.. sadly this is not even an exaggeration!! haha.. but a lot has been goin’ on:

  • Because the sun never comes out, a lot of missionaries have been suffering from seasonal depression, so our Mission Presidents wife is the BEST and made us all Vitamin D Playlists! It is just a CD of normal music with happy songs on them.. ITS THE BEST.. and its not motab which is all I have listened to the past 9 months!! haha
  • The New Glasgow sisters surprised us with a pink cake to celebrate the end of a WAY FUN transfer as their STL’s and Sister Hird and I were eating it on the couch. Sister Hird went to get up off the couch but my legs were on top of hers so I went flying across the room with the cake and biffed it so hard on the floor and the cake flew everywhere!! It was so funny, but I was sore for a couple days!! haha
  • Had District Meeting up in Cape Breton this week and on the way home I accidentally missed a turn and it rerouted us.. It was PRICELESS SCENERY! Sometimes it pays to make mistakes am I right?   It was Elder Maughans last district meeting before he goes home and it was a really fun one.
  • We received some very new changes to our mission this week again. Starting next week our P-Days will now be on TUESDAYS! Super weird, but it will be a fun new change.
  • We were having dinner at our Branch Presidents house and his son is 5 going on 15 haha!! He is SO SMART and was telling us about all these different “machines” and such.  So we sit down at the table and he gets a roll and starts eating it and his mom says, “Howard, are you only going to eat a roll for dinner?” and he scans the whole table with the FUNNIEST look on his face and then replies,” Well, by the looks of it.. YES!” and he runs away. It was so funny!  I love kids so much, they are the highlight of funny moments in the mission field 🙂
  • Sister Champ and I went to visit a less active and when we were leaving his house we met the most adorable young lady. She was just walking on her way home from the hospital and was crying so we asked her what had happened and her 10 day old baby and her little girl had been taken from her and she was so devastated. We were able to share some simple truths about how our families can be together forever and it was like a light bulb in her head went off and she got completely calm. It was so sad, but we are excited to teach her more about the gospel.
  • Elder Ostermiller and Elder Larsen had to go to Presque Isle for some mission business and they surprised us with FRUITY PEBBLES AND WHITE CHEDDAR CHEEZ ITS!!!! Two of the best things in the world that Canada has not caught on to yet haha! 🙂  It was the best day ever!!
  • We had the BEST lesson with Ross about the Vision of the Tree of life and the spirit was SO STRONG! He really opened up and started to talk about everything in his life that is a mist of darkness to him and then he came to church on Sunday and LOVED it.  He was answering questions in Sunday School and everything!
  • We got to celebrate Jackies One year birthday from being baptized on Sunday! It was so much fun 🙂 She is just future me.. pink pink pink everything!!
  • Yesterday Sister Hird and I dressed up as Elsa and Anna and it was so fun!! Not very many people noticed, but it was a fun day! We even took Olaf on some of our adventures for the day as well! Sometimes people think we are crazy, but we just think we are fun!!
  • And now for the Heartbreaking news.. I am getting transferred and have to leave my Best friend Sister Hird:(   Truro is getting closed, and she is going to New Glasgow and I am headed to the CITY of Fredericton, New Brunswick! I am really excited to serve in a more populated area because I have only served in small towns up to this point, so it will be a huge change!!

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