HELLO Freddy-Town

Hey Hey.. It has been a while ūüôā

  • So it has been quite the week of adventures and moving around. I arrived at the Transfer van on Thursday morning and I was informed that the Sister that is moving from Fredericton (where I was going) was really sick so I actually was going to Amherst for a few days, and it was so fun!!!! ¬† I was companions with Sister Grunaeur. ¬†She is from Austria and she is SO FUNNY:) ¬† We had a blast together, lots of laughs and hard work. ¬†We went to visit a less active member and she has every room in her house themed a color.. ¬† MY FAVORITE was her living room cause it was ALL PINK!!
  • Late Saturday night I finally got to Fredericton and I love it here:) ¬†They actually have a ward here, VERY SMALL, but it is still classified as a ward and I haven’t been in one of those in a long while. ¬†The best part about church was this cute old man was going around and talking to all of the missionaries, and then suddenly he stops and says, “Now listen here, did you know that all last names stem from what your ancestors did?” and we are all shaking our heads no and he continues while he is going down the line of missionaries, ¬†” Smith- Yours were probably blacksmiths, Melanson- Yours was probably Melan’s Son, ¬†Kilmer- well, I don’t wanna know what your ancestors did!!” haha.. ¬†so I started to laugh and said ‘hey what did they do’ and he looks back and says, “eh, better not get into that one” ¬†It was so funny!! I love people!
  • Last night we were able to have a really fun cottage meeting at a members home with some of her non-member friends and teach about the #princeofpeace and it was so much fun. ¬†Afterwards we sat for about an hour talking to them about our church and what we do as missionaries.. All three of the University students said that it was really interesting and they wanted to be able to learn more about our church and what we believe in. It was awesome.
  • Today we had a member take us and the Elders to his “secret hike.” ¬†It was so funny! We are just following him on the highway and then all the sudden he pulls off on the side of the road and goes through some trees and there is a huge waterfall. ¬†It was beautiful. I don’t understand how people find these random things, but it pays to know someone around this place.


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