“Check your speed..” – Patricia the Car Nanny :)

So, imagine that it is April 23rd, You wake up at 6:30 a.m. expected to see some ‘Spring’ outside yeah?   Instead, you look out the window and you see about 5 inches of snow on the ground and its still coming down..  Welcome to New Brunswick Canada 🙂  haha..

  • From the looks of it, Spring is not quite here yet! We had another 2 day snow storm the other day, but we are hoping that it was the last one cause winter is SO supposed to be gone! haha
  • We had Zone Conference in Moncton this week, and it was so fun, the only down side of it was that we got the CAR NANNIES installed to all of our cars!  Haha.. for those of you who have no idea what this is, it is a little box that tracks everything you do when you drive and coaches you to be a better driver and at the end of each transfer to get a rating of green yellow or red of how good you did.. haha.. it is so stressful!  But we named it Patricia so we are friends now!!
  • Emmaline ( a YSA here ) is preparing to go on a mission so she came and spent the day with us on Thursday for a mini mission!!:)  It was so fun!!
  • We have a big downtown here, so we have been setting up a booth right in the hub bub, and talking with EVERYONE around. We have met some pretty funny people and had some really funny contacts. The people here are nothing short of interesting and I love all of them!!
  • We got to help at Eve’s soup kitchen and feed some really fun people on Friday!  He is the coolest chef ever!  There are so many people around here that can use the help!!
  • We are teaching the coolest Syrian refugee family English and it is so fun!!  They had us over for dinner this week, and we all sat on the floor and ate off of this huge platter of food!  I love all of the different cultures they have here!  It is so fun to learn a little bit of all their languages!
Have a good week!:) –  Sister Kilmer   الأخت كيلمر


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