A week full of Miracles and RAIN :)

It has been a super crazy unusual week for the most part..

  • I spent Tuesday night in the Hospital with an infection so that was fun! All back to 110% and still livin’, so I would consider that a success!!:)
  • We left Wednesday morning to drive across the whole mission practically for exchanges in Dartmouth with Sister Richardson and Sister Anderson! It was so much fun though!!  We had an amazing experience that really strengthened my testimony.  We had planned to go street teaching, but then it started POURING rain, but we both knew that we needed to follow our plans and so we did.  After about 15 minutes of not seeing anyone, we decided to say a prayer.  So we prayed that Heavenly Father would put us in the path of someone that needed to know God loves them.  We opened our eyes and there was a lady walking towards us and we are like.. wow!  He answers fast, but.. nothing!  haha..  So we keep walking and we see another lady and we get so excited and.. nothin’!!   So we are like alright, lets start walking back and we get almost home and we see this lady out with her dog curled up in the corner of her back door.  We go and talk to her.  She began telling us about how she doesn’t believe there is a God anymore, and that she has never felt more alone and afraid in life, and that her only wish is for it to end.  So I told her about our experience of looking for people and praying, and finding her, and she began to cry and she let us inside to teach her a little bit and we learned that she had been struggling with depression for a long time and has been going to counseling for her suicidal thoughts.  She said that just the day before, her session had gone really bad and she had decided that she was done.  Heavenly Father led us to her to help her know that he is completely aware of her situation and her struggles and it was the most amazing experience to witness her face light up with the knowledge that we were able to share with her.
  • The St. Stephen sisters came up for an exchange this weekend and I got to spend the day with Sister Anderson 🙂  We had lunch at the Farmers Market they have every Saturday and the have the BEST fresh orange juice and Samosas!!  They are delicious!!  We saw lots of miracles on the exchange, and even had two homeless men ask us for our number cause they liked my eyes.. I was really flattered haha!!
  • On Sunday we had Testimony meeting and we had the COOLEST MIRACLE!!  Our blind investigator Erica came to church, and her fellow-shipper got up and bore her testimony about how amazing it has been to be able to help her come into the church, and then Erica got so happy that she went up and bore her testimony after her!  IT WAS SO AWESOME!!  I couldn’t believe it I was so happy!!  She is coming along great and has such a strong testimony.
1. I got to see my friends again 🙂 (Sister Auvienge and Sister Moojalsky)
2. We went into the hospital- CLEAR Came out of the hospital- POURING RAIN
3. Patricia the driving coach, and President Pratt…What more could you need
4. The Sunsets just outside of the city are on point.. if you can see the sky
5. ​​Fresh Orange juice and Samosas


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