Mini Pancakes and Cute Puppies :)

What a week or miracles !:)

  • We had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) in Moncton, NB this week and it was SO FUN!! We had some amazing trainings and some fun activities! Sister Melanson and I and Elder Iacoppouci did the musical number and we sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing/ If You Could Hie to Kolob mash up by Elenyi and Sarah Young and he played it on the guitar! It was really pretty.
  • We were helping a member with her yard work and her neighbors CUTE little puppy Walter came out to play and I was in Heaven! It is the CUTEST puppy ever!! *Pictures Below for Proof*
  • The Presque Isle sisters came up for exchanges and it was so fun! Sister Champ and I went to eat poutine at “Smokes” and when you get food there they give you a little smokes man and when we left our homeless friend Mike Kennedy stopped us and asked what we had and we showed him our smokes man and he got so excited and says, ” HEY! Take a picture of me!” haha.. again *Picture Below*
  • I have found this new weird obsession with mini bite size pancakes so we had a pancake breakfast with the Elders this morning for P-day and I made like 100 mini pancakes haha.. It was so awesome!
  • Last week the Elders were stopping by to visit someone in an apartment building that wasn’t home, so when they were walking out Elder Iacoppouci looked across the parking lot and said, “We need to knock number 3 in that apartment” So they walked over and when they walked into the doors Elder Ipson said, “No, we need to knock number 10” So they knocked number 10 and met the cutest girl and we started teaching her. She is on date for baptism and the other night we had a lesson with her and she told us that she is in the process of moving to apartment number 3 in that building and it was so cool! We were like woah.. You were really supposed to be found:) pretty cool!!
  • Had the privilège of being in a Trio for a day with Sister Pratt!!!!! Our mission presidents wife! It was So much fun!! haha.. She is the coolest!  They were in town for interviews, but she didn’t want to sit around all day so she came with us and she is the ultimate missionary!!
I just love being a missionary! You get to see so much good in the world and be right there to witness the hearts of so many changing. But you don’t have to have a name tag on to be a missionary! Elder Oaks did a broadcast for church this Sunday for our region and talked a lot about member missionary work and how important it is in the work of the Lord. I was not good at this at all when I was at home, but I encourage all of you to reach out to your friends and family and neighbors and serve them, love them, teach them. 🙂    Love you All ❤



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