Being The Answer to Somebody’s Prayer


Wow.. what a week! It has been so crazy, but entertaining!! It is getting really hot and humid around here! Haha.. I sometimes forget what it feels like to be dry!
  • First off, I hit hospital trip ’round four’ now for the mission!   haha!   I got a bug bite on my arm, and it got infected, and then turned into cellulitis up my whole arm.   It was not super pretty but I am happy to have it all taken care of now!
  • We were out tracting and we knocked on this super run down house and it looked like nobody lived there anymore, but we felt like we should just walk in.. weird I know but not for the people here..  So we did, and found another door so we knocked on it and met the cutest little old lady who had been praying for someone to find her.  She just lost her brother in law this week to a mistake made in a surgery!   It was so sad but It was such a miracle.
  • We had the BEST lesson with 2 of our investigators who are nearing their baptism right now, about finding answers through the Scriptures and through prayer, and as we were teaching her, she stops us and says “ya know, after our last lesson when I had my bad migraine and you prayed for it to go away, as soon as you walked out the door it was gone!”   We just smiled and her and then with a few tears in her eyes she went on to say,  “I also had 2 dreams about you girls this week too!”   We just didn’t even know what to say to her!   She was just so overtaken by the power of the Spirit!   It was beautiful!   One of my favorite things about being a missionary is the opportunity that we have to constantly be the answer to someones prayer!  The encouraging thing of course is that we don’t have to be a missionary to be an answer to somebody’s prayer!   We just need to listen to the promptings of the Spirit and be prepared to follow the guidance when it is given!
I cannot even begin to state how much I have learned from these past 11 months as a servant of the Lord!  There are days that I don’t even recognize myself because I have changed so much!  It is so amazingly true that if we give our will to God and we do the best we can, then the Savior through the power of his atonement can make up for the rest!  I was recently studying about Justice, Love, and Mercy and how they each come together in regards to the Atonement and it is amazing to feel and see just a glimpse of the love our Savior has for us!
 “That first Easter sequence of Atonement and Resurrection constitutes the most consequential moment, the most generous gift, the most excruciating pain, and the most majestic manifestation of pure love ever to be demonstrated in the history of this world. Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, suffered, died, and rose from death in order that He could, like lightning in a summer storm, grasp us as we fall, hold us with His might, and through our obedience to His commandments, lift us to eternal life.” – Elder Holland
I hope each of you have a great week and remember I LOVE YOU ALL! ❤



The Book is Blue, The Church is True.. Even if the book is missing a few pages :)


St. George


Coating my ankles in Baking Soda


Black Sand Beach in St John


Beautiful Ocean Views



So sorry I didn’t write last week…  We have been so crazy busy!   I love being a missionary 🙂
  • We are teaching the cutest mom and son right now and they are just amazing. Our lessons with them are just so strong and powerful and we were so excited to have them come to church on Sunday! Her son is SO SMART! He is only 11, but he can tell you so many facts about stuff I don’t know exist! They are awesome!
  • I am officially getting eaten alive by black flies and mosquitos right now… For some reason my companions are not as desired to be eaten as I am!  As of yesterday I was up to 35 and about half of them are all around my ankles! haha.. We will be lucky if I can make it through bug season with skin still on my bones. In order to sleep I have to put baking soda on my ankles and them wrap them in cloth!  haha.. so sad, but funny!  My Luck 🙂
  • Due to the bug bite situation I have been using a lot of bug spray lately, and I put some on my legs, but when I sat down my scripture case was leaning against it so when I got up I had chevron stripes all up my leg.. It was awesome! haha
  • So, we were in a lesson yesterday with a really cute girl we met the other day and we go to open up to 3 Nephi and she is like.. ugh.. I don’t have that one.  So we are like oh we can help you and legit the Book of Mormon was missing pages 438-487 haha.. So I reach in my bag and pull out another one and again.. missing pages! Turns out the entire last order of Books of Mormon we got are all missing those pages. haha.. so now we are trying to remember everyone we gave them to so that we can replace them!
  • We volunteer at a Food Pantry in Calais and we were really slow this week so the guy in charge pulled up Mormon jokes only a Mormon would know and they were so funny!!! The best one was “Ways you know your not at a Mormon Church” 1. No Mini Vans in the parking lot  2. No Cheerios on the church pew  3. No Jell-O at the church party  4.The Bishop reports 100% home teaching haha.. It was so funny! He didn’t understand any of it, but he still thought it was funny!


St.Stephen = Chocolate Capitol of Canada

Well.. I made it to St.Stephen! It is such a fun little town! It is right on the border of Calais, Maine so we go back and forth almost daily cause its just like a bridge in the middle of the town that separates the 2 countries! It is fun.. we are getting to know the border guards pretty well! haha

  • Fun Fact about St. Stephen: it is the chocolate capitol of Canada! haha.. There is a big Chocolate factory here with a museum and all that fun stuff!  It is so awesome!
  • We spent some time in Maine for Memorial day so that was fun.. one thing I miss about America… The Patriotism 🙂   Flags everywhere, Music, Baseball, and Hamburgers!   haha it was so fun to see!!
  •  We spent a day in Saint John this week helping them with a booth in downtown! It was so much fun! We were talking to people about family history and!  It is amazing how many people don’t know anything about their families and it is really interesting to watch them unfold the mysteries of their ancestors.
  • Had Zone Conference in Moncton and I had to say goodbye to Sister Richardson.. I am going to miss the missionaries going home this transfer so much!  It is crazy!:) Time goes by so fast!!
  • We are the Young Women leaders in the ward here and we had New Beginnings with all of our 3 young women haha!  It was so fun! They all dressed up in big poofy dresses and looked like princesses! So cute!:)  I missed Young Womens so much!!