The Book is Blue, The Church is True.. Even if the book is missing a few pages :)


St. George


Coating my ankles in Baking Soda


Black Sand Beach in St John


Beautiful Ocean Views



So sorry I didn’t write last week…  We have been so crazy busy!   I love being a missionary 🙂
  • We are teaching the cutest mom and son right now and they are just amazing. Our lessons with them are just so strong and powerful and we were so excited to have them come to church on Sunday! Her son is SO SMART! He is only 11, but he can tell you so many facts about stuff I don’t know exist! They are awesome!
  • I am officially getting eaten alive by black flies and mosquitos right now… For some reason my companions are not as desired to be eaten as I am!  As of yesterday I was up to 35 and about half of them are all around my ankles! haha.. We will be lucky if I can make it through bug season with skin still on my bones. In order to sleep I have to put baking soda on my ankles and them wrap them in cloth!  haha.. so sad, but funny!  My Luck 🙂
  • Due to the bug bite situation I have been using a lot of bug spray lately, and I put some on my legs, but when I sat down my scripture case was leaning against it so when I got up I had chevron stripes all up my leg.. It was awesome! haha
  • So, we were in a lesson yesterday with a really cute girl we met the other day and we go to open up to 3 Nephi and she is like.. ugh.. I don’t have that one.  So we are like oh we can help you and legit the Book of Mormon was missing pages 438-487 haha.. So I reach in my bag and pull out another one and again.. missing pages! Turns out the entire last order of Books of Mormon we got are all missing those pages. haha.. so now we are trying to remember everyone we gave them to so that we can replace them!
  • We volunteer at a Food Pantry in Calais and we were really slow this week so the guy in charge pulled up Mormon jokes only a Mormon would know and they were so funny!!! The best one was “Ways you know your not at a Mormon Church” 1. No Mini Vans in the parking lot  2. No Cheerios on the church pew  3. No Jell-O at the church party  4.The Bishop reports 100% home teaching haha.. It was so funny! He didn’t understand any of it, but he still thought it was funny!



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